Enjoy Christmas-tree scents without the mess

Family taking a selfie after finding their real Christmas tree

In a holiday filled with décor traditions, the Christmas tree stands tall as one of the most recognizable and beloved yuletide decorations. Of course, the way we spruce up our homes has changed dramatically over the years, especially with modern artificial options. While there some will always prefer classic Christmas trees, the replicas can be just as magical — with a little help from Scentsy.

The root of the problem

Whether or not to switch to an artificial Christmas tree can be a hot-button issue for many families. On one hand, dragging an evergreen into your home can create quite a mess — you might find stray needles on your floor well into the new year. On the other hand, the scent of fresh pine is as synonymous with the holiday season as snowflakes and Santa himself! But what if there were a way to enjoy the best of both worlds?

Family decorating their Christmas tree with homemade ornaments

Pining for a scent solution

If a love for classic evergreen fragrance keeps you hauling in trees year after year, we’ve got you covered. The Very Snowy Spruce Scentsy Bar can fill your home with a Christmas tree’s enchanting scents without making the carpet look like a forest floor. The magic is in the details: Very Snowy Spruce not only features notes of balsam, spruce and cedar, but also whiffs of warm amber and pinecone. These layered aromas work together to create a vivid scent experience.

Branching out

Speaking of aromas working together, you can always combine different Scentsy Bars in the same warmer. Just like decorating a Christmas tree, you can deck out the fresh evergreen scents of Very Snowy Spruce with other beloved holiday fragrances. Experiment with different combinations and create a scent-sational winter wonderland!

How are you decking the halls this year? Did we convince you to give artificial trees a shot, or are you sticking with the old-fashioned way? Let us know in the comments!

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