How to find the best CBD products

Today, there are several companies manufacturing CBD products. The most popular of them are called Charlotte's Web, hemp oil, and hemp gel. Each product has its own unique quality. Hemp products are used mainly in cosmetic and pharmaceuticals applications. CBD supplements are now being marketed worldwide. They are sold as nutritional supplements, dietary supplements, and topical creams. However, some people are still concerned about their side effects or long term usage.

Hemp oil is made from the hemp plants grown on a small scale in the U.S.A., Canada, and Europe. CBD is the major ingredient that gives the oil its distinctive odor. Cannabidiol, also known as cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating phytochemical found in hemp plants in 1940. It accounts for up to forty percent of the total plant's extract and is one of eleven identified CBD compounds in hemp plants. Its scientific name, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabivarin, or CBD, is derived from the Greek word "cannabis," meaning "a plant used for medicinal purposes." CBD is believed to have antioxidant properties and to possess antispasmodic properties. Because it is non-intoxicating, it is believed to have fewer side effects than many conventional drugs, such as Viagra and Ritalin.

Hemp products and hemp oil are also useful for relieving muscle spasms, convulsions, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, anxiety, and muscle tension. Because CBD is non-intoxicating, it may be used to alleviate the symptoms associated with various other medical conditions. CBD is also thought to be beneficial in treating depression. Because of its high concentration of cannabidiol, hemp oil is believed to have a low toxicity compared to conventional drugs. As such, hemp oil is often marketed as an alternative medicine. In addition to its potential uses, it may be applied topically on the skin to relieve itching, inflammation, and redness.

How do you find the best CBD products that are natural and can help you with pain, anxiety, depression, stress and other medical ailments? Well, you should look into the different kinds of products that are available, and always be sure to compare the best CBD oil brands. If anxiety is what you're looking to resolve, then try CBD oils from Gold Bee. Available in delicious kiwi and honey flavors, it's a delicious and natural way to ease anxiety and restlessness. Like edible snacks instead? Try the CBD gummies.

Ideas for CRUSHING Self-Improvement Month!

Photo of diverse consultants proudly holding signs showcasing what they have signed up

With the kids back in school

September just beginning, you have a whole new month and a whole new season to get a fresh start and embrace some changes.

September also happens to be Self-Improvement Month, so why not take advantage of this opportunity to focus on something you’d like to improve or change? Getting started is easier than you think!

  • Pick a goal

    Want to get up earlier and work out? Walk during lunch? Eat better? Learn something new? Whatever you’d like to change or improve, choose something specific and measurable.

  • Research and plan

    If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so take some time to research what you need to do to accomplish your goal. If you want to eat better, shop for fresh fruits and vegetables and check out some healthy recipes. If you want to learn something new, research classes in your community. If you want to work out in the morning, sleep in your workout clothes. If you want to walk during lunch, pack your walking shoes and socks. Do whatever you can to make reaching for your goals easy and automatic.

Photo of consultants proudly holding signs showcasing what they have signed up

  • Tell the world

    Tell EVERYONE what your goal is and give them regular updates on your progress. Having someone to check in with will encourage you to hold yourself accountable, provide motivation, and help you see the progress you’re making.

  • Give yourself some grace

    If you break one dish, you don’t break the whole set, right? So why give up on yourself and your goals when you make a mistake? No one is perfect, and change is hard, so bag the all-or-nothing mentality. If you miss a workout or eat something that’s bad for you, forgive yourself and move on. Remember: It’s about progress, not perfection!

At Scentsy, we’re all about growing ourselves and our businesses (and not just in September!). Scentsy Consultants participate in monthly wellness challenges and ongoing programs and training opportunities to grow as individuals, business owners and leaders.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, then sign up and join, already! We’re offering our $49 Escential Starter Kit during September 2018. It has everything you need to start your own Scentsy business, and we’ll help you every step of the way.

Join for $49 your business your way

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