How to welcome someone to their new home

Few things are more exciting than moving into a new home. Not only is it a major investment, it’s also an absolute burst of pride, love, family, blood, sweat, tears and all the good-life stuff worth fighting for. It’s not just four walls and a roof — it’s where you hang your hat, share meals with people you love, tuck your kids into bed and make the best memories.

So, when you’re invited to a housewarming party, it’s about so much more than a new address! You’re literally being invited to bring warmth and love into a new family home. It’s a big deal. And it’s not a thing you go into empty-handed.

Need the perfect gift? Go traditional with a twist.

Go-to housewarming gifts have stood the test of time because they’re steeped in meaning — usually well wishes for the family and blessings for their home. We especially love this one:

Candle: “May you always have light through the darkest times.”

Scentsy Warmers use the heat from a low-watt light bulb or heating element to safely melt fragrant wax, without flame, smoke or soot. They don’t just fill a space with beautiful fragrance — our unique warmer designs are statements ready to be made.

We chose a few more of our favorite traditional housewarming gifts and matched them to the just-right Scentsy products for easy (yet pretty darn thoughtful) giving. Take a look:

Wood: “May your home have stability, harmony and peace.”

This warmer might only be made to look like reclaimed wood — if you wanna be a stickler on tradition — but it’s right on trend! And one of the main fragrance notes in Sheer Leather is alluring sandalwood.

Honey: “May you always enjoy the sweetness of life.”

This combo is sweet as can be, a little bit quirky — and definitely a winner.

Plants: “May your home always be filled with life.”

It might seem like a good idea to offer your friend a hardy houseplant come move-in day, but not everyone has the necessary green thumb it takes to keep it alive! Instead, help bring nature to their space with a handcrafted Fragrance Flower in a bestselling scent.

Wine: “May you always have joy and never go thirsty.”

This fragrance has a richness and depth they’ll love, just like a favorite glass of wine, plus it’s our bestselling Scentsy Bar of all time.

Ready to wrap it?

Once you choose the sentiment and style you think they’ll love most, it all comes down to the finishing touches. Rather than pick up a standard gift bag and crumple a few sheets of tissue paper before calling it good, go to your local craft store and choose a natural, woven basket, wooden crate or metal bin instead. You can get one pretty inexpensively and it adds another level of thoughtfulness to your gift, plus the display-ready container will make perfect storage for their new home.

The greatest gift of all …

Most of all, when you arrive at the party, be sure to enthusiastically agree to the tour they offer as soon as you cross the threshold! Everyone loves sharing their favorite details of a brand new home. As you walk the rooms, think about all the memories you’ll get to make together — and hunt down the perfect spot for their new Scentsy Warmer, of course.

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