You graduated! Now what?

First of all, if you or your child graduated this year and feel like you missed out on the typical (and well-deserved) pomp and circumstance of a big ceremony … we totally understand if you’re bummed.

But we still want to encourage you to stop and celebrate such a major life accomplishment, whether it’s completing high school, college, grad school, tech school or kindergarten. If you or your grad worked hard and made it to the finish line, it’s a milestone worth celebrating!

Sure, the party might look a bit different this year; maybe it won’t include all the people you love at arm’s reach. But there are all sorts of unique ways to make it festive. For instance:

  1. Host a surprise graduation parade.
  2. It’s simple and oh-so-amazing! Schedule a window of time, set your grad up in a comfy chair at the end of the driveway (cap and gown optional) and invite all your friends and family to do a drive-by! Expect lots of signs, hooting, hollering and honking. Don’t forget to get your grad’s reaction on video!
  3. Throw a small, at-home shindig.
  4. Even if it’s just a handful of close family, make it special! Cook your graduate’s favorite meal, or support your local restaurants by ordering in. Give gifts (see below) and share plenty of way-to-go messages and encouragement for the future. To include more people …
  5. Invite friends and family to submit short videos and make a “Congratulations!” slideshow.
  6. It’s easier than ever to capture yourself on camera and send it anywhere in the world — in seconds. Plus, there are about a gillion easy-to-use photo and video slideshow apps that make amateur work look pro, so take your pick! Your grad will love it and get to keep the kind words forever.
  7. Choose your favorite video chat and go virtual.
  8. It’s kind of like a video slideshow, except the cheers are live! Set your graduate up in front of a laptop and invite friends and family to join a group chat to celebrate, 2020-style.

Now, for the gifts:

Cash is never a bad idea, but new graduates are also typically pretty light in the home-goods department, especially those who are leaving home for the first time. Here are a few fun, functional gift ideas to help make their new place nice (and nicely scented):

  • The Deluxe Diffuser is totally streamlined and features a large water reservoir for all-natural, all-day fragrance. Include a couple comforting Scentsy Oils to help beat homesickness.
  • Perfect for college students or the newly employed, our Mini Fan Diffuser is portable and can plug into a laptop or any USB port. Grab a couple Scentsy Pods for lasting scent.
  • If you were thinking about a bouquet of flowers, try a Fragrance Flower instead! It’s naturally beautiful, looks great on a desk and the fragrance really lasts.
  • For the perfect warmer, try Dream Sparkle or the Radiate Positivity Mini Warmer. Both celebrate a job well done and share well wishes for a bright future!

Thinking about a side gig?

The days ahead are still a bit uncertain — especially for anyone embarking on an all-new phase of life. Whether you’re waiting anxiously in post-grad limbo or looking to supplement an entry-level salary, there are many unique, flexible ways to bring home extra bacon.

And you’re not alone: 45% of working Americans have a side gig in addition to their primary job. They’re selling handmade treasures online, delivering food or shuttling people, babysitting, tutoring, bartending and blogging — the list goes on! But more than ever before, people are choosing a home-based, direct selling business. Why? It’s all about the perks:

With Scentsy, for example …

Scentsy Consultants sell products they love simply by sharing, well, the love! And because our flagship system — warmers + fragrant wax bars — includes a consumable product (beloved by millions), customers have a reason to keep coming back for more. Not to mention high-performance Body, Clean and Laundry products featuring their favorite scents, which also need to be replenished on the regular.

And remember: With Scentsy, you don’t have to keep any inventory on hand, your entire business can be run through an online Workstation anytime, anywhere, and you’ll have the support and knowledge of the thousands of Consultants who paved the way before you, plus an always-there home office team.

But here’s the best part: In May, you can join Scentsy for just $20 USD. When you sign up, we’ll send you a kit of all the stuff you need to get started, including bestselling products! While supplies last.

Want to learn more? Reach out to your Scentsy Consultant or visit

Congratulations, graduates!

Click here for Scentsy’s Income Disclosure Statement and average Consultant earnings.

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