New Year’s resolutions worth keeping this year

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You know the drill: Jan. 1, you spend all day vowing to eat better and exercise more, work harder and get more done, make more time for yourself and live in the moment. By Jan. 2, all your best intentions have flown out the window.

The toughest part about resolutions is that they’re usually too vague, which ultimately makes them meaningless. This year, resolve to make resolutions worth keeping!

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Find healthy habits

The No. 1 New Year’s resolution is to get healthy. Whether that means to move more or eat less, sticking with it is the ultimate challenge. The U.S. weight loss market is a $64 billion industry offering everything from fitness centers to nutrition plans, so there has to be something out there for everyone. Find a plan that aligns with your goals and commitment level, and hold yourself accountable. Or better yet, find someone else to hold you accountable. Because when you’re hiking with your squad or shooting hoops with the guys, it’s way more fun!

Do what you love

Speaking of bringing fun to something typically associated with hard work: What are your career and financial goals this year? We know it’s sounds crazy, but even the wealthiest, most successful people are constantly thinking of ways to be even more successful. Make 2018 the year you get that promotion you’ve been working toward, or branch out with a side business that lets you be your own boss* — like becoming a Scentsy Consultant! For just $99 (USD), you can build a business and work toward living life on your own terms, while being a part of a community that encourages friendships, generosity and fun!

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Take time for yourself

And don’t forget to take time for YOU! We’ve all heard the adage about putting your own oxygen mask on first; make 2018 the year you follow through with that. You can’t help anyone else unless you’re taking care of yourself. This can be as simple as treating yourself the way you enjoy treating others: with kindness, generosity and a little bit of spoiling. A weekly ritual like relaxing with a good book and an indulgent Scentsy Bath Bomb may be just what you need to reset and recharge — and reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in to keeping your resolutions!

What are your New Year’s resolutions, and how are you planning to stick with them? Tell us in the comment section below!

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