The benefits of a side business

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What’s a side business? In short, it’s a way to earn some extra income on top of what you’re making at your primary job. But a side business can also provide an opportunity to pursue an area of interest or passion you might not be able to focus on during the regular work day. If you’re willing to put in the extra, after-hours effort, a side business can truly enhance your life on so many levels.

Be flexible!

This works two ways with a side business. First, when and where you work your side business is totally up to you. If you feel like putting in an hour or two from your couch or during your kid’s soccer practice, you can! This is an especially great perk for working parents who need to balance after-work child activities and their side business. And the income you earn from your side job can allow for more financial flexibility.

Set your finances free!

Want to travel more? Pay off debt? Or just have more money in your pocket? A side business can get you closer to your financial goals, on your schedule. And you can earn a little or a lot! It all depends on how much work you’re willing, or able, to put into it. Usually, there’s only a small monetary investment required on your part to get started, so you can start making money faster than you would if you were getting an entire business off the ground.

Unleash your inner rock star!

The benefits of a side business extend far beyond flexibility and income. The feeling of doing your own thing — and succeeding! — is a huge confidence booster. Especially when you can reap the rewards in the form of greater financial stability! But the benefits go deeper than that.

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Putting yourself out there in a totally new and different way can show you just how much you’re capable of, and how much more you can do than you may have thought! Maybe you’ve always assumed you weren’t a people person, but suddenly, when you’re working a side business you’re passionate about, you can’t wait to talk to people about it! And you do it in a way that gets them excited, too. Just realizing that you’re far more capable than you once thought is a major discovery that can change the course of your life.

Did you know that becoming a Scentsy Consultant can provide you with a fun, flexible side business and extra income all with a minimal investment on your part? And you’ll get all the training and support you need!

Your fragrance-filled, make-it-your-own, goal crushing #ScentsyLife awaits! To learn more, ask your Scentsy Consultant or if you don’t have a Consultant, click here.


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      Hi Tammy, we’re excited to hear you’re considering joining! To start, you will need to purchase an enrollment kit, which is $119 CAD plus tax and shipping. You can find these details and a lot more at Be sure to change the country to Canada (top right corner of the page). We hope to welcome you soon! ?

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    Christina Osburn

    As one who used to never put myself out there, had little to no self esteem and often walked with my head down – one of the many benefits of a side business with Scentsy was that it gave me the confidence I needed to help me succeed, lead and grow as a consultant. I am extremely thankful for that!

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