Nothing beats a summer night

If summer days are lazy, we make up for it when the sun goes down. There’s magic in a summer night! Not only do the stars shine bright, we also get the glow of fireflies begging to be chased and the crackling light of a bonfire. It all adds up to a warmth that can’t be experienced any other time of year — and that’s not counting the actual summer heat!

Consider the makings of your perfect summer night, starting with good friends, cold drinks and fire-friendly treats, all wrapped up in the great outdoors. Everyone knows that no bonfire, campfire or backyard firepit is complete without the essential sweet snack: s’mores!

Ingredients for smore's in front of a campfire

We rounded up a few of our favorite s’mores recipes, from traditional to adventurous. Pick a favorite or try them all next time the craving strikes:

  • Classic S’mores: Sometimes you just can’t beat the original.
  • Candied Bacon S’mores: Just like the classic, but swap milk chocolate for dark and add a slice of crispy candied bacon. It’s as good as it sounds, promise.
  • Mexican Chocolate S’mores: Take the traditional recipe up a notch with equal shakes of chili powder and cinnamon.

These are oh-so-delicious, but our favorite recipe is inspired by a particularly lip-smacking Scentsy fragrance:

This summer staple goes gourmet with hints of smoked caramel and vanilla bean malt.

You can get it as a Scentsy Bar, Room Spray or Scent Circle — so even when you’re nowhere near a flame, that tasty s’mores fragrance can fill the air. Or recreate the fragrance at home by trying your hand at this ooey-gooey recipe:

Smoked Caramel S’mores

This family-friendly recipe is perfect for an after-dinner, outdoor treat. With supervision, it’s also a great way to get the kids cooking!

Woman holding a toasted s'more


  • Graham crackers
  • Large marshmallows
  • Caramel ice cream topping
  • Chocolate syrup or your favorite chocolate bar (milk or dark both taste great)


  1. Toast marshmallows over an open flame. Don’t fret if one gets a little extra color — sometimes that charred flavor makes it even better.
  2. Layer your s’mores: Top a graham cracker with your toasted marshmallow, drizzle on the caramel and chocolate, then finish it off with another cracker to keep sticky fingers at bay.
  3. Enjoy!

Here’s to an entire summer filled with unforgettable — and delicious — nights, outside under the stars.  

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