Ways to care for our planet

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Protecting the environment we cherish

June 5 is World Environment Day, making this the perfect time to brainstorm ways we can all take care of our planet. It doesn’t take a major lifestyle change to make a positive impact on the world. In fact, many environmental best-practices just take a minor adjustment to one’s daily routine — and come with benefits beyond protecting Mother Earth.

Recycling doesn’t have to be a chore

Helping to reduce wasted paper and plastic doesn’t have to be a grueling ordeal. Take a little time to familiarize yourself with the items your local recycling plant can and can’t handle and see what waste products from your everyday life make the list! For example, if your plant accepts plastic clamshells, you can recycle your empty Scentsy Bar containers!

Reimagine your commute

As businesses reopen, many of us are just beginning to commute to work again. This presents a unique opportunity to make environmentally friendly choices about transportation. If you’ve grown used to driving yourself to and from work every day for years, it can be hard to disrupt that routine by switching to biking or carpooling. Now is the perfect chance to take the initiative and make saving the planet (and gas money) a part of your daily commute!

Get involved in your community

The above advice may not seem all that relevant to your situation — it’s hard to recycle if your city doesn’t have a robust recycling program, and it’s a tall order to bike to work if there are no bike lanes along your route. However, these obstacles are an invitation to help create real change in your community. Research local conservation, recycling and public transit initiatives in your town and get involved! Use your voice to let municipal representatives know you want these options available! After all, the biggest step we can take to protect our planet is encouraging those around us to do the same!

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At Scentsy, we believe in the power of generosity and in celebrating the everyday acts of kindness that embody this value. How are you making a positive difference this Environment Day? Let us know in the comments!

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