Minimalist Scentsy Warmers: Fall/Winter 2022

A lot can be said about minimalism and its impact on the world of interior design. Of course, this aesthetic aims to keep things simple, so we’ll restrain ourselves to the basics. While fads come and go, the elegance of a “less is more” style remains a steadfast approach to home décor — naturally, we had to capture this style in our Fall/Winter 2022 lineup of Scentsy Warmers. Here’s a look at the Minimalist warmers available now:

Minimal Chic

From Glam  to Bohemian, the Fall/Winter 2022 Catalog is filled with many styles of expressive Scentsy Warmers. However, if you’re looking for a subtle nod to a beloved design tradition, the Minimalist lineup has you covered. If Boho-chic fits your vibe, the earthenware-inspired Take a Stand Warmer adds a touch of the unconventional — while remaining neutral enough for any décor. Prefer a touch of tradition? Patterns reminiscent of Spanish tiles can be found in the Paloma Mini Warmer, while the Salerno Warmer makes use of classic Italian ceramic motifs.

Mini Minimalism

The minimalist philosophy is nothing if not practical, making this sleek design style ideal for Scentsy Mini Warmers. From the ethereal glow of the Alabaster Mini Warmer, to the vintage charm of the Gatsby Mini, you can add an air of sophistication to small spaces like bathrooms, bedrooms and mudrooms. Best of all, these designs go great with practically any décor, giving you even more decorating flexibility!

Naturally Minimalistic

While not as intricate as our Natural line of warmers, several of our minimalist offerings are evocative of the outside world. For example, the dreamy patterns of melted white glass beads on the clear blown glass of the In the Clouds Warmer is reminiscent of an expansive sky. The Marbled Mini Warmer is particularly well-suited to bathrooms, kitchens and anywhere else that may have a stone-inspired aesthetic.

Minimally impressed

Is the minimalist approach just not your thing? We’ve got you covered: Visit your Independent Scentsy Consultant’s personal website, select “Warmers + Wax” and then “Shop by Style” to find the perfect home fragrance products for your décor. Don’t have an Independent Consultant? Find one at!

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