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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an Independent Scentsy Consultant, or if you just want to listen to something inspiring, tune in to the Scentsy Stories podcast! Every other Tuesday, hosts Jason Harwood and Sara Walker explore all things Scentsy. Along the way, they share the stories of Independent Scentsy Consultants and members of the Home Office team, featuring uplifting accounts of personal growth from people of all walks of life.

Where to start

Each episode of Scentsy Stories is as unique and wonderful as the guests who’ve shared their Scentsy journeys over the years. Here are a few of our favorites:

Episode 2: Successful parties 

Jason and Sara dive into multiple stories of successful Scentsy parties from Consultants sharing their tips and tricks! A must-listen if you want to know what planning a Scentsy party is like!

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Episode 12: Chief of Staff Sam Johnson. Heidi and Orville stories!

Chief of Staff Sam Johnson shares what it’s like to work with Scentsy Co-Owners Heidi and Orville Thompson on a daily basis. Along the way he shares insights about the (sometimes literal) foundations of the Scentsy home office!

Episode 31: Shining Star Tennille Lulham

Shining Star Tennille Lulham shares how she overcame anxiety and self-doubt to create a business that shines with Scentsy Spirit!

“Who is behind Scentsy’s amazing shipping?”

Dena Kinney reflects on how she went from picking out a few Mother’s Day gifts to becoming one of Scentsy’s first employees — and eventually our Director of Shipping! She still pitches in to pack boxes by hand, just like the old days.

Episode 51: Shining Star Flo “Rama” Ramanauskas

Flo Ramanauskas shares her journey from buying a Scentsy Starter Kit to becoming the 2021 Shining Star for Australia and New Zealand. A lot of laughs (and some songs) are had in this episode!

Shining Star interviews

For even more uplifting stories of success, check out all our Shining Star interviews! These episodes feature Consultants that have achieved incredible things on their Scentsy journey, each with their own unique perspective.

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Easy listening

Scentsy Stories is available wherever you get your podcasts! Most episodes are 30 minutes or less, making them perfect for commutes, chores and before-bed listening. Have a topic you’d love to hear Jason and Sara tackle? Know a Scentsy Consultant with an amazing Scentsy story of their own? Let us know in the comments below!

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