Easy steps to clean up for the holidays

The holidays can be as hectic as they are joyful.  After all, someone has to clean up after decking the halls! If you aren’t careful, dishes can pile up and stains can set in before you even have a chance to say, “Happy new year!” Here are a few tips to help you keep things fresh and festive all season long:

The family that eats together cleans together

The only thing more daunting than preparing a holiday feast is the cleanup afterward — unless you get your fellow feasters to lend a helping hand! Start by getting a volunteer to start cleaning up while the meal is still being prepared: Washing things like cutting boards, knives and other meal-prep tools after they’re used can cut down on the work after dinner. Once everyone’s had their fill of food, assign specific jobs for cleanup, such as packaging leftovers and collecting silverware. Of course, not every task will have eager volunteers. That’s where our next tip comes in handy.

Clean with fragrances you love

The duty of scrubbing dishes and counter tops by hand usually isn’t the most popular task, but having cleaning products scented with your favorite Scentsy fragrances like our Perfect Peppermint Dish Soap and Counter Clean can make the process much more enjoyable! These high-quality cleaning agents are also gentle on your hands, making dish and counter scrubbing far less taxing. With such delightful aromas, you may just have your family lining up for cleaning duty!

Keep freshness on hand

Sometimes you just don’t have the luxury of deep-cleaning high-traffic areas during holiday gatherings — or you’d rather wait until the party is over before you begin. If your entryway carpet or living room sofa is getting a little musty in the midst of all the merrymaking, take a moment to spritz the fabric with Scentsy Fresh Fabric Spray to eliminate odors and enliven fabrics with vibrant fragrances. It’s the perfect way to freshen up a room while the party’s still going strong!

Be ready for anything

While you can’t predict where the next cup of good cheer might be spilled, you can make sure you have the supplies on hand to tackle the mess. Our All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate offers the flexibility you crave, since it’s formulated to clean most household surfaces. Even if hallway walls get a little too “decked,” this easy-to-mix concentrate can cut through grime and forms a dirt-repellent barrier — making future cleanups that much easier!

Enjoy those moments of comfort and joy

As important as it is to keep the house clean during the holidays , it’s equally  important to know when to take a breather and enjoy the moment. Give yourself the gift of a (relatively) silent night every once in a while, and take time to simply enjoy the company of your loved ones when you can.

May your holidays be happy, healthy, fragrant and bright!


  1. Dawn Eschbach

    Very well said. My daughter actually joined with me because she moved back home and saw everything Scentsy is from all the warmers around the house down to the dish soap when she offered to do the dishes ? Thank you for all you do for us and our customers!!!

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