What’s holding you back?

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You know that feeling? When you are bursting to share something amazing with someone, anyone willing to hear it?

That is honestly how we feel all the time

Constantly itching to tell the world what Scentsy is all about, in the hopes that more people will benefit from being part of our community. It’s so special! So, naturally, we want as many people in the Scentsy family as we can get.

We love sharing the benefits of starting a Scentsy business, but we also want to tackle some of the common roadblocks that keep people from taking that first step. These roadblocks can be internal or external, and they can all be broken down when you begin to see the big picture.

Scentsy is worth a closer look. Here’s why:

Roadblock No. 1: “I don’t think I’d make a good salesperson.”

We love this roadblock, because it’s not really a roadblock at all. This one’s all about understanding what running a Scentsy business really means. For starters, we’re not looking for “salespeople” — the only real qualification you need to sell Scentsy products is to believe in Scentsy products! If you already know and love warmers and wax and can’t get enough Scentsy fragrance, you’re all set. And if you haven’t yet tried Scentsy products, that’s step one. (Give them a try, and you’ll be bursting to share them, too.)

From there, it’s just about taking it one step at a time, growing into your role as a Scentsy Consultant as your business grows. (With plenty of support and resources along the way.)

Roadblock No. 2: “I don’t like direct sales! I don’t want to bother my friends and family with a sales pitch.”

To that we proudly say: Not all direct selling opportunities are created equal. Scentsy is completely unique because the entire business is built upon a strong mission to bring value to the world, a motto to contribute more than we take and three core values that guide us every step of the way: Simplicity, Authenticity and Generosity.

It’s not about constantly bugging everyone you know to buy something they don’t want. It’s about sharing products you love with the people you love — and new friends you meet along the way. Don’t you do that for everything else already? When’s the last time you bought anything without reading reviews or asking a friend?

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We also provide you with access to really cool follow-up systems, which is great because many of our products are consumable (aka, your customers will run out and want more). You’ll quickly learn how to track customer orders, so you’ll know exactly when to reach out. From there, it’s as simple as sending a text when it’s time to restock their Scentsy Bars or if you think a new Scentsy Warmer might catch their eye.

Roadblock No. 3: “I have no idea where to start. I don’t have what I need!”

Yes, you do — you just don’t know it yet! When you join Scentsy, you get access to an online Workstation where you can run your business each day. It’s where you go for Scentsy news and updates, to track your performance, to place orders, to maintain your contact lists and to find loads of beautiful, sharable marketing tools to help you get the word out on your favorite social media networks.

There’s also a Training section chock-full of learning opportunities, including business best practices, tips and tricks from your fellow Consultants and all sorts of additional resources from the home office team. Learn everything from how to market your business on social media to how to host a super-fun, successful Scentsy event!

Roadblock No. 4: “I don’t have the time to pursue anything new right now. Life is too busy.”

When you join Scentsy, you can work whenever, however, wherever, as often as you want. Whether it’s an hour or two per day or just one hour per week, there’s plenty of time to run your business. We have an incredible Scentsy home office team dedicated to making your job as straightforward as possible and providing you with all the tools you need to succeed.

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For most Consultants, it quickly becomes second nature and sort of weaves into daily life. You’ll be out and about, a customer will text for more Scentsy Bars, and you can literally take five minutes to submit their order, in the moment, on your phone. Pretty neat, huh?

The busiest Scentsy times are at the start of each new catalog season (they launch in February and August), whenever we release limited-time offers or new product promotions (we keep you up to speed on your Workstation) and during the holidays when everyone is primed and ready to shop. Sometimes it takes a bit of fancy footwork, but the more time you spend on your Scentsy business, the more time you’ll want to give it!

Roadblock No. 5: “I can’t spend the $99 to enroll right now.”

If the typical cost of enrollment has held you back, you’ll be happy to hear that you can join in May for just $20 (USD)! When you enroll, we’ll send you a Value Starter Kit that includes everything you need: a Scentsy Mini Warmer; a Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar (our most popular fragrance of all time); five Spring/Summer 2020 Catalogs; a Sample Packette Bundle, so you and your customers can try Laundry, Body, Clean and Pets products; 20 Fragrance Testers, so your customers can find their favorites; a Quick-Start Guide; and a free Personal Website for three months, so you can sell Scentsy products online (it costs just $10 (USD) per month after that).

The Value Starter Kits are only available for the month of May, or as long as the inventory we set aside for the promotion lasts (whichever comes first). As always, you can still choose to enroll for $99 (USD) and receive a standard Starter Kit, which includes even more products and business tools. Or choose to host a qualifying party and earn a Host-Exclusive Starter Kit with your Host Rewards!

When it comes to joining Scentsy, don’t ask why, ask why not?

Reach out to your Scentsy Consultant to learn more about joining their team, or visit scentsy.com to find a Consultant near you.

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