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Family sitting outside with their mother

“My mother has been my saving grace, my best friend, my mentor and my biggest cheerleader! I owe all I have and all I am to her.” — Tiffany W., Scentsy Consultant

It’s easy to take Mom’s love, care and attention for granted sometimes. That’s the thing about unconditional love — it’s there whether you appreciate it or not! But once a year, we all get a fresh chance to reflect on what it means to be a mother, and then try our best to say “thank you” to all the amazing moms in our lives.

Go ahead and grab a box of tissues …

We asked Scentsy Consultants and employees to share their favorite mom moments, and to tell us why their mom is the real BME (Best Mom Ever). Here’s what they had to say:

On being a mom:

“My whole world revolves around a tiny human with endless energy who constantly rotates through emotions, demands cheese all day long and leaves a mess everywhere he goes — and I’ve never had so much fun. Motherhood is the best!”— Jamie A., Scentsy employee

“Being a mom has taught me patience, forgiveness, kindness and so much love. To always use your imagination and to have fun. We can’t take life too seriously. It will eat us alive. Our kids just want us to listen and respond to their stories and questions. They are so curious and think we know everything.” — Kristy C., Scentsy Consultant

“Being a mom is the best gift God has ever given me! I love nurturing and caring for my family.” — Caryn B., Scentsy Consultant

 “Being a mother has taught me patience and selfless love, but the best thing is seeing their personalities shine through as they grow.” — Sarah J., Scentsy employee

“We are having a hard time with all this junk right now, but to sum it up: Being a mom makes me whole. They are the reason for all my tears — happy, sad and angry.” — Samantha B., Scentsy Consultant

“Being a single mom to my now 26-year-old daughter wasn’t easy. We struggled. But we also bonded and made the best of some tough times. Now, we look back and have some great laughs — we were in it together and the love we share is today is very strong because of it.”— Trista D., Scentsy Consultant

“My kids make me the woman that I am. They’ve helped me grow as a person, as a woman, making me the best mom that I can be. Loving them unconditionally is an understatement.”— Vanessa T., Scentsy Consultant

“Being a single mom to four girls is such an amazing adventure. Life may throw curves balls, but what makes me the happiest is that we get to try and catch them together. There is no other title that means more to me than ‘Mom.’ They are my biggest motivation for every single goal, dream, choice and thought.” — Aime E., Scentsy Consultant

Mother and father with daughter in the living room

On having the best mom ever:

“My mom is our rock! Always sensible, yet sensitive and caring. Loving but firm when she needs to be. Plus, she knows everything.” — Heather B., Scentsy Consultant

“My mom is the best because she has taken care of my dad, night and day, the last several years after he had 15 different surgeries from a staph infection. She never wants to spend money on herself, and her selflessness is why I love her so much!” — Rachael A., Scentsy employee

“My mom may not live close as she’s in another part of the country, but no matter what, she does everything she can to be there for me. The woman has a lot on her plate but handles it with as much grace as she can muster.” — Amy J., Scentsy Consultant

“My Bonus Mom stepped into my life at age 7 and picked up the pieces of a little girl that had been helping her daddy be Mom and homemaker to her little sister after their birth mom walked out when I was 4. She loved us like her own from Day 1 and taught me to be the woman I am today. And for that, I will be forever grateful. She is the heart of our family.” — Carma W., Scentsy Consultant

“My mother broke out of domestic violence and raised four kids on her own! She struggled and worked many jobs at one time just to make sure we came out on top! She’s the strongest person I know and deserves the world.” — Miranda S., Scentsy Consultant

“My mother is amazing! She is not only the rock for our family, she feeds and cares for two elderly neighbors every single day. No complaints, all out of the goodness of her heart because she knows both of them have no family close by to help them. She is so loving and caring to everyone around her. She’s definitely special.” — Heather B., Scentsy Consultant

“My mother is and always will be my best friend. We just moved 3,000 miles away from my parents, and my mom and I talk daily. She’s been a rock for all of us. The woman always puts everyone else’s needs above hers and never complains. I am the woman and mother I am today because of her.”— Jenn F., Scentsy Consultant

“I like to say, ‘My momma is the rock on which this life I’m proud of was built.’ I’m so proud to be her daughter, and I hope my kiddos feel the same about me someday.” — Megan M., Scentsy Consultant

“My mother is one of the strongest women I know. Raising kids on her own was no easy task and yet she made it look easy. (I once was a single mother and now realize all she truly did.) She’s beating skin cancer’s butt right now, attending radiation all alone, nobody able to get to her and help her during the pandemic, and yet she has remained so positive. Truly my role model.” — Vanessa T., Scentsy Consultant

“My mom is hands down the greatest woman you’ll ever meet. She is kind and would do anything for just about anyone. She is the first person I call whenever something great happens in my life and when something bad happens. I value her opinion and look up to my mom so much!” — Amanda A., Scentsy Consultant

“My best friend, my guiding light, my role model. The greatest cheerleader and light of hope in my life who makes me strive to be better.” — Joanne D., Scentsy Consultant

“My mom is the community mom. When I was a teenager, I hated it because I was jealous and didn’t understand why she took such an interest in a girl in my class I didn’t even like, for example. Now that I am a mother, I get it. I find myself doing the same things: filling the void in people’s lives by making them feel important, making sure they have what they need, building their confidence and letting them know somebody cares. I grew up with ‘cement’ — unchanging stability and knowing my parents always had my back no matter what. I didn’t realize then that many people don’t have that. She was trying to offer that same cement to people that didn’t. If I am even half the woman my mother is, I would be content!”— Julie P., Scentsy Consultant

“My mama has been a hard worker her whole life. When my daddy was deployed for two years, I watched her take care of everything alone. She taught me about determination and strength in the trials that come our way in life. She is so strong.” — Shonda C., Scentsy Consultant

Mother and children sitting at dining room table

On how much more they appreciate Mom after having kids:

“There is no greater treasure in my life than being a mom. I am so thankful to have such an amazing example in my own mother to learn and grow from!” — Lauren W., Scentsy Consultant

“Growing up, I shared a bedroom with my younger brother. We’re close, just 20 months apart. I vividly remember bedtime as a kid. We’d get our pajamas on, brush our teeth and head downstairs to our bedroom. We’d shut off the light and turn a radio on, listening to music as we fell asleep. Except we rarely went right to sleep. I remember many a dance party, and it would often get louder and louder until I would hear my mom come rushing down the stairs. We’d jump back into our bunkbeds before she got to the top of the stairs to tell us to be quiet and go to bed. As soon as we heard her get back in her room, we would get back out of bed and quietly dance in our room to the music until it would escalate again and she’d come back down. Fast forward 25 years and I have so much appreciation for her patience, now that I have three kids of my own, with whom I do this same routine nearly every night! I am grateful my mom exhibited the restraint she did because it is exhausting! She knew I would endure it someday and would need a model to follow when I did!” — Casey J., Scentsy employee

“My mommy always said that, ‘Being a mom is the hardest job you’ll ever love’ — something I never would have understood without having children of my own. She’s a wise woman, and I am so blessed to call her mine. (I was adopted from South Korea with my twin sister when we were 3 months old.)” — Laura C., Scentsy Consultant

“My sister and I have always joked about how our mom has a cape that she loves to throw on and ‘save the day.’ Until recently, we used to think of it as an annoyance — I guess that happens when you raise two very independent, strong-headed women. However, for the last two months, I have been so grateful for her cape mentality. In these trying times, she has helped my sister and me in unimaginable ways. You see, my sister and her husband both work in the healthcare system, and with schools and daycare closed, my mom now watches my sister’s two very active boys (ages 7 and 9) for 12 to 13 hours a day. This is amazing because she is 74 and also continues to work part-time in real estate. She has also made a point to call my kiddos every day and to leave sweet gifts for them on our doorstep. My kids look forward to her calls and the occasional treat. It just brightens their world and brings a new breath of air into their day. My mom’s ‘cape’ is a blessing and she is an amazing example of a mother who truly goes beyond for her family, kids and grandkids in immeasurable ways. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!” — Jaime M., Scentsy employee

On missing Mom every day:

“My mom passed in 2016 (one of the reasons I joined Scentsy), but she was my biggest cheerleader in life. She was also honest to a fault and a straight shooter. She used to tell me all the time to not to look down on others, you don’t know how they got there! I try very hard to honor her daily!” — Karen H., Scentsy Consultant

 “Spend as much time as you can with your mom — I know right now that may be a challenge. There will be a time when she won’t be here, and you will miss her every day! My mom has been gone 23 years … and I miss her every day!” — Lynn L., Scentsy Consultant

“My mother is the reason I am as strong as I am, have the heart that I do and know how to deeply love my children, like she loved us! Sadly, we lost her to breast cancer at the age of 60 in 2016, but what she taught me will live on in my mind, body and soul forever!” — Mindy L., Scentsy Consultant

“My mom passed away 25 years ago. I love being blessed with two children. I think Mom being gone so long has brought out the mother hen in me with others that need help and guidance. Especially our ministry and team!” — Carol S., Scentsy Consultant

“My mother-in-love, Renee (who has now passed), used to always tell me to enjoy life with the people around me, because housework will always be there waiting when I return.” — Kendra L., Scentsy Consultant

Mother and child at a farm

To all the moms out there: Happy Mother’s Day!

Are you looking for a sweet, thoughtful gift for the mom in your life? Reach out to your Scentsy Consultant or visit their website to shop hand-picked Mother’s Day gifts she’s sure to love. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one at

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