Building a collection can be great for kids (and parents)!

From stamps and coins to stuffed animals and action figures, there’s a simple joy in building a collection — and no one knows this better than kids. If you’re a parent, chances are you’re no stranger to sprawling doll sets, ever-expanding decks of trading cards or shelves filled with whatever fascinates your child. It may just seem like fun and games, but there are many hidden benefits to letting kids build collections of their own.

Teach your kids valuable life skills

Whether they collect seashells or sports jerseys, your kids are bound to learn a thing or two. Collectibles are a great way to teach children how to set long-term goals. Try turning their collecting into a reward — maybe good grades will earn them a trip to the beach, or they can save up their allowance for the next jersey on their wish list.

Growing their collection will take patience and discipline but also give them a tangible sense of accomplishment. Even if their interest fades over time, the lessons they learn along the way will last.

Encourage learning outside the classroom

A collectible hobby can also teach children about the wider world. Old stamps and coins can be a great way to spark an interest in history, and baseball cards have inspired young athletes for generations. As a parent or guardian, you can help their interests flourish. For example, if you have a budding rock collector in your household, take them to the library and see what kid-friendly books they have about geology! Who knows? They may just become an expert in the field one day.

Collection of stamps

Help your kids express themselves

Building a collection is often about more than just gathering stuff — it’s a chance to say something about ourselves. This is especially valuable for kids as they form their identity and sense of self. The things your child loves might change over time, but it doesn’t mean these interests won’t help shape them along the way.

Create lasting keepsakes

If you’ve held on to any toys or treasures from your childhood, you know how important they can be. Action figures that brought your imagination to life, the coin set your grandfather helped you start, the dolls you lectured to while playing school — a collection can be a living snapshot of happy memories. The best part is, you can share the joy your treasures brought you with your kids!

Collection of baseball cards

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