Meet the Scentsy Operations team!

Three images of the Scentsy Operations

What does the Scentsy Operations team do?

Put simply, this massive team actually makes, picks, packs and ships Scentsy products around the world. Led by Scentsy’s Chief Operating Officer Tabb Compton, hundreds of operators across seven distribution centers — located in Idaho, Kentucky, Texas, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Australia — are dedicated to maintaining Scentsy excellence in everything they do, so Consultants and customers can fill their lives with fragrance.

We make this stuff!

Our manufacturing team makes Scentsy fragrance products at our home office in Idaho, USA. In 2019, 5,343,713 pounds of Scentsy Bar Wax sold — that’s a whole lotta clamshells to fill!

Two images of Scentsy Operations

Finding a new way to work

In a season when new safety regulations must be met — wearing gloves and masks on the operation floor, rotating shifts and breaks to keep employees six feet apart — Scentsy has also experienced record-breaking sales and recruiting. This means a wildly increased demand for Operations to make, pick, pack and ship more Scentsy products than ever before!

A look at the numbers

In April and May 2020, the team fulfilled over 1.2 million orders — more than double the same months in 2019. (And that’s not even including new Consultant Starter Kits — which were also shipped in record numbers — subscriptions for Monthly Specials or Consultant awards.)

As a result, since the beginning of March the number of operators at Scentsy’s North American centers has increased from 265 employees to 830 — with more being added every day. And to accommodate social distancing, the Operations team has created five new shifts over the last two months.

“We couldn’t be more proud of our team during what has been an unprecedented season of growth for Scentsy,” said Paul Klassen, VP of Global Operations. “Even with so many new safety measures in place, our team has been incredibly efficient and positive. With masks on, I can’t actually see most of their faces in the warehouse — but I can still tell they’re smiling! We’re all just grateful to be here, supporting Consultants and getting the job done right.”

Now that’s Scentsy Spirit!

In support of the Operations team — and the incredible Scentsy Consultant community — during these fast-and-furious months, employees from other departments have been invited to “volunteer” their work time in the warehouse at our home office in Meridian, Idaho. In a single two-week stretch, more than 100 employees dedicated 1,440 working hours to help ensure a speedy delivery. Ops welcomed the help graciously, showing the “new guys” the ropes without missing a beat.

Heidi and Orville volunteering on the Operations team
The Thompson family pitches in.

That’s just a sliver of what this hardworking team achieves every day. Go, Ops, go!


  1. Ashley DeGrace

    You guys are amazing I absolutely love Scentsy and super glad to be a part of this wonderful family and being a consultant with Scentsy. Keep up the good work you guys are doing amazing even with this covid-19 you guys are rocking it

  2. Ali Byrne

    From a Star Consultant here in the land of Oz, thank you so much for everything you do! We couldn’t do our jobs without all of you working so hard! The whole Scentsy machine would cease to run if you amazing people weren’t working as hard as you are!!! Keep up the amazing work!!

  3. Lea Brannam

    Awesomeness Thank you guys for working so hard to make our businesses successful!!!

  4. Kelly

    Thank you for all that you do for us <3

  5. Mayra Leindekar

    We have such outstanding and amazing teams all around the world who work and love the Scentsy products that Heidi and Orville have such amazing spirit who support/love and care for each new consultant like family cause that’s what it’s all about family helping each other and sharing the Scentsy spirit to everyone including customers who buy from them and ourselves.
    Thank you to staff and Heidi and Orville for everything you do!

  6. Heather Murrell

    So blessed to be apart of the scentsy family!!!

  7. Jen Woody

    As a shipping clerk for an online retailer AND Scentsy Consultant I want you, all of you in operations to know that I see you! I KNOW how hard the pickers, packers and shippers are working tirelessly. Thank you! Without you we are nothing.

  8. Sandra Pettigrew

    I absolutely LOVE scentsy!! I am addicted!! I wish i could afford to try all the amazing scents!! Keep up the amazing work ?

  9. Lisa Buckley

    You guys are doing great!! We appreciate everything you do to make all this happen for us. I’m proud to be a Scentsy Consultant!! Keep your heads up!!

  10. Jenny Sizemore

    It is AMAZING to know that all of our orders are packed with such attention to detail and most importantly LOVE! Getting a Scentsy order is like opening your most favorite gift on Christmas morning! Thank you for everything you do for the consultants and customers! You are appreciated more than you know!

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