Everything you need to know about fan diffusers

Hey, Scentsy fans! If you’ve been a longtime lover of warmers and wax, or maybe you dabble in diffusers and oils now and then, it’s time to expand your horizons and fill even more of your life with fragrance with a Scentsy Fan Diffuser.

Here’s the scoop: There are three option-packed versions to choose from — Mini Fan Diffuser, Wall Fan Diffuser and Scentsy Go — whether you’re at home or on the move, and they deliver the same Scentsy fragrance you know and love in entirely new ways. What could be better?

Here’s a peek at which does what, so you can pick the features that fit your life:

For the tech-savvy: Mini Fan Diffuser

These little beauties are new this season. They’re super compact and pack a fragrant punch, but the best part is the tech! Plug a Mini Fan Diffuser into any USB port, add a Scentsy Pod (more on those below) and enjoy your favorite scent instantly. Choose from three colors — Blush, Gray or Mint — and you’re ready to go.

Scentsy tip: Work it! Choose your favorite scent to add a fragrant getaway to your cubicle or workstation.

The Mini Fan Diffuser can be used just about anywhere, from the office to the car, so it’s great for students, carpools and anyone (everyone!) on the go.

For the family home: Wall Fan Diffuser

Have kids (or fur babies) in the house? The Wall Fan Diffuser solves a major problem for families: It’s cute and sturdy! These plug into any outlet, but they work especially great in high-traffic areas like mudrooms, entryways, bathrooms, hallways and all the other nooks at home.

But here’s the best part: Drop not just one, but two Scentsy Pods inside for set-it-and-forget-it fragrance that lasts up to 120 hours.

Choose from three all-white designs — Stack, Star and Spin — to customize your experience even more.

For anyone, anywhere, anytime! Scentsy Go

Looking to roam? Scentsy Go is battery-packed and completely portable for travel-friendly fragrance. It’s also handy for use at home wherever you need scent without a plug (atop the commode, perhaps?). Featuring a rechargeable battery (just plug in the included USB cord) and a limited lifetime warranty.

Just like the Wall Fan Diffuser, Scentsy Go holds up to two Scentsy Pods, so you get up to 120 hours of your favorite fragrance with very little effort.

Choose from two options: Scentsy Go is the premium, feature-packed version and Scentsy Go Solid is simpler and more economical. Here’s a look at the differences so you can easily take your pick:

Scentsy GoScentsy Go Solid
Height5.5″ tall5.5″ tall
Fan ModesStandard and EcoStandard
Lighting options7-color LED light displayNone
Battery LifeUp to 18 hours*Up to 10 hours†
Decorative band colorsSilver or rose goldWhite
*Approximate battery life; tested in Eco mode with the light effects turned on.
†Approximate battery life; tested in Standard mode.

So, what’s the deal with Scentsy Pods?

All of our fan diffuser designs use Scentsy Pods to fill your space with fragrance. They come in packs of two, and you can choose from 28 of our bestselling scents, like Go, Go, Mango and Lemon Verbena. We love them because you get instant scent with no-spill fragrance beads! And the fragrance lasts up to 120 hours, which is totally rad for those of us who forget to swap scents on the regular.

What are you waiting for?

We love how warmers and diffusers add so much visual interest to a space, but sometimes the perfect choice is a low-key look! You might have flipped right past them in the catalog (see pages 48-49 of the Spring/Summer 2020 Catalog), but now’s your chance to stop, look and experience the magic. Try the fan diffuser that works best for your life and you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.

Reach out to your Scentsy Consultant or visit their website to shop. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one here.

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