Find thoughtful gifts for $25 or less

Has your Christmas shopping list grown this year?

Threatening to bust your budget – and your will to keep shopping?

There are tons of ways to make the holiday season special without blowing through your bank account. For starters, taking a little time now to plan thoughtful, affordable or handmade gifts will help ease those worries as you countdown to Christmas Day.

It’s the thought that counts

Sometimes the pressure of giving the right gift can be overwhelming! Rather than trying to pick one gift that’s just right for each person on your list, consider building your own themed gift bundles. You can customize each one to be special for the receiver, plus set your own budget and add thoughtful DIY extras.

Use this helpful formula as you dream up the perfect bundles:

  • 1 thing they want
  • 1 thing they need
  • 1 thing to wear
  • 1 thing to read
  • 1 DIY bonus gift

Save even more when you double down (or triple down, or quadruple down) on the same bundle style for more than one recipient! You’ll save money buying goodies in bulk and more than a little time, too.

Here are a few ideas to get you started, all totally doable for $25 or less:

Spa Bundle

Grab a natural, woven basket from the craft store and fill it with pampering goodies for any parent or hardworking adult who just needs a breather:

  • Want: It might not seem necessary to drop a fizzy bath bomb in the tub, but with amazing fragrance and skin-loving moisturizers, it’s a worthy luxury!
  • Need: Upgrade their cleanser to a blissfully fragrant, moisturizing body wash and include a new loofah for scrubbing.
  • Wear: Add a cooling gel mask to banish under eye circles and open the door to extreme relaxation.
  • Read: Magazines and bubble baths go hand in hand! Slip in an issue you know they’ll love, so they don’t have to worry about water-logging a favorite book.
  • DIY bonus gift: Make your own exfoliating sugar scrub, fill a sweet little mason jar and add a handwritten label.

Guy Stuff Bundle

Keep the wrappings simple and fill a basket (or stocking!) with stuff he’ll actually use this year.

  • Want: He’ll never miss a call again with a portable power bank for on-the-go phone charging.
  • Need: Help soothe his dry skin with a rich hand cream in a masculine fragrance.
  • Read: Add a copy of Men’s Health magazine to show your support for his New Year’s resolutions.
  • DIY bonus gift: Make your own BBQ rub, fill a jar and add a handwritten label.

Teen Beat Bundle

You’ve given up trying to buy her clothes and she’s a bit past the toy-giving age, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a bit of surprise and delight out of her come Christmas morning:

  • Want: Jazz up her vanity table with a Fragrance Flower that looks as lovely as it smells.
  • Need: Grab a set of socks with funny sayings, animals or crazy designs.
  • Wear: Eye shadow or lip gloss palettes in all the colors – teens are fearless with makeup!
  • Read: Tap into her heart with a sweetly romantic(but age-appropriate) love story.
  • DIY bonus gift: Crochet a hip, slouchy stocking cap in her go-to color. It’s easier than you think, once you get a rhythm with those hooks.

Happy Pup Bundle

Don’t forget your four-legged friend this year! This one doesn’t need to be beautifully wrapped, but we think Fido will appreciate your efforts if you do go all in:

  • Want: Pick up a Christmas-themed toy for chewing – squeakers encouraged.
  • Need: Drop in a pet-safe, skin-conditioning and gently fragrant shampoo for bath day.
  • Wear: Keep him looking dapper with a brand new collar and customized tag.
  • Read: Maybe he can’t read it himself, but pick up a doggy-themed board book, invite your pup onto your lap and read out loud for serious bonding/cuddle time.
  • DIY bonus gift: Make your own healthy dog treats. Tip: No pup can resits peanut butter (just be sure its xylitol-free).
Scentsy shot dog giving woman a kiss

Endless giving

For more gift ideas, including several under $25 each, check out Scenty’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.

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