What does giving to the community mean to you?

Scentsy employee volunteering and giving back to the community

Our communities make us who we are. We work together, go to school together and celebrate together. It only makes sense that we should collectively work to create a stronger, more vibrant place to live and thrive.

Generosity – giving back – is a core philosophy and practice at Scentsy. From the first day an employee starts their career, or a Consultant joins our Scentsy family, we learn that we should give more than we take. We embrace the principles of Authenticity, Simplicity and Generosity. Essentially, we all rise together.

There are so many reasons to donate or volunteer:

  • It just feels good. Giving back is fulfilling and offers a sense of purpose. You can make an impact on a cause you choose and find inspirational.
  • There are health benefits! Lower stress, better managed chronic conditions and physical improvement are just a few.
  • Meet new people with similar interests, find like-minded friends and fresh connections.
  • Improvements to the areas where you live, work and play! That means a stronger community with a better quality of life that makes it safer and healthier lives for you and those nearby.
  • Create opportunities to take the lead!
  • Fill a knowledge gap or have great additions for your resume!
Scentsy employees volunteering and giving back to the community

Sit down to stand up

One way Scentsy gives to our community, is hosting events that bring our neighbors to our headquarters in Meridian, ID, to raise awareness, cash and in-kind donations for causes we really care about. Scentsy’s super popular annual Rock-a-Thon event is Sept. 9, and this year we’re supporting Camp Rainbow Gold, a special camp and respite for children battling cancer and their families.

It’s the ninth year we’ve hosted the Rock-a-Thon. We line Scentsy Commons with 70 rocking chairs, filled by employees and community members, to rock for 12 hours.  

Scentsy is donating $210,000 ($250, per chair, per hour) and challenging the community to donate additional funds to reach our goal of $250,000.  

Please join us in the call to contribute more than you take. Here are several ways you can help: 

  • DONATE online at ScentsyRockathon.com or text CRG to 50155. 
  • ROCK at the event. If you’re local, stop by our home office anytime from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to get on a chair, or reserve your spot online.  
  • ROCK virtually. Post a picture on any social media platform of you rocking in your own rocking chair! Be sure to use the hashtag #ScentsyRockathon. 
  • GET INVOLVED with a local children’s cancer charity or initiative in your area.
Scentsy annual Rockathon event to support and donate to the community

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