Scentsy Tips to Get Your Home Back-To-School Ready

Scentsy Tips to get your home back to school ready

Put away the beach bag, turn off the video games and get everyone up early — it’s time for back-to-school.

If the kids’ closets and bathroom look more like a hurricane than a serene study area, it’s time to get everything buttoned up.

Make the summer-to-school transition easier by getting things clean and organized so the first few days in the classroom are simple and easy. Consider adopting some of these fresh tips on back-to-school prep:

Trash to treasure

The first step is to declutter the areas you need to clean.

Paw through backpacks, lunch boxes and bookbags. Store, trash or recycle the contents.

And while you’re adding to the fresh ’fits for fall, make some time to sort through your child’s entire wardrobe. Donate anything they’ve outgrown, from jeans to sneakers to underthings. When it comes time to choose an outfit, they’ll look shipshape!

Then, crack open the coat closet. Pull out too-small coats, galoshes and hats and send them to charities that help others. Match up gloves and ditch the singles.

Shiny clean

Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get everything washed and fresh.

Launder clothing, including new clothes, to get off any chemicals and make them soft.

Clean and sanitize book bags, backpacks and fabric lunch boxes. Turn bags inside out and wash on gentle cycle. Lay out to dry. If they’re still a bit funky after a sweltering summer, consider using a fabric freshener. We think Scentsy Fresh does the trick nicely.

Scrub out reusable water bottles and insulated flasks and allow to air dry.

And, don’t forget the kids! In the weeks before you send the little darlings off to the classroom, re-emphasize the importance of regular handwashing. Before they nosh a cheese stick or grab a gooey remote, get them in front of a basin with some soap and warm water. Have them sing “Happy Birthday” twice. Make it more fun and great smelling with Scentsy Hand Soap.

Get organized

The key for easy mornings (besides an alarm clock) is to make sure that all the school essentials have a place.

Create a dedicated shoe station just inside the front door to keep little clodhoppers from tracking millions of bacteria from the halls of the schoolhouse to your clean floors. Keep it clean and fresh with Scentsy All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate. It will also cut down on frantic early mornings if the kids know right where their shoes are.

Setup a loading/unloading zone for backpacks, coats, school IDs and house keys. Make sure every child in the house has a hook or basket and knows where things go.

Then find an ideal study spot and prep for a year of scholastic excellence and on-time assignments with a “homework zone.” Include a calendar, an uncluttered work surface and all the supplies they’re going to need for assignments. Consider a paper tray for each child.

Now you’re all set for a successful school year!

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