How do you hygge?

consultants laughing at a hygge themed scentsy party

Nope, that’s not a typo. Hygge — pronounced “hoo-guh”

— is a Danish word that represents all-out coziness and comfort. To really get it, think about a time when you felt utterly, absolutely, mind-numbingly comfortable. You can close your eyes and picture it if you like, but come back in a few.

Got it? Now, let’s recreate it — that settled-in, ultra-relaxed feeling. Better yet, let’s recreate it for a group! It’s January, and depending on where you call home, it’s probably pretty chilly outside. We’re betting that your friends would love to have a stay-in party, designed to unravel their senses until there’s no choice but to let go and relax.

Share your own personal brand of comfort at your get-together, and use these ideas to drive the hygge home:

    1. Warm up to chill out.

      You know the old hoodie you’ve worn to that heavenly level of softness? Put it on. If it’s too grubby for company, swap it out for a long, eyelash-soft cardigan and leggings, or your favorite pair of sweatpants. Add fuzzy socks or slippers, and encourage your guests to dress down, too.

Woman texting in bed with Scentsy warmer on the table

    1. Build a grown-up fort.

      Push your furniture out of the way and string up your prettiest sheets and sheerest blankets — bonus points if they’re gauzy-thin and let a little light through. Add a strand of white Christmas lights (you haven’t boxed them up yet, anyway), and either dim the overheads or turn them off completely. Forage the house for enough comforters and pillows to make a proper nest on the floor. Then arrange everything to be as “come in and stay awhile” as possible.

Consultants ready for fall in sweaters

    1. Fill your mugs.

      Keep the coffee brewing throughout the party, or set up a simple hot cocoa bar with a few toppings, like mini marshmallows or cinnamon, and mismatched mugs. Don’t let anyone walk away without a laughably large dollop of whipped cream on top.

woman holding coffee cup

    1. Start your coffeehouse playlist.

      Setting the actual tone of your party will help keep the hygge vibe alive. Just lower the volume to keep conversation flowing. And remember: Other than occasionally coming back to man the music, there are no screens allowed in hygge-land.

woman listening to music through her headphones

    1. Smell the warmth.

      Keep your party small so you’re not scrambling around to play host, but add your Scentsy Consultant’s name to the list. Ask them to bring along hygge-approved scents like this one, this one or this one so you can fill your space with fragrance (and the soft glow of a Scentsy Warmer). And if the rest of your guests are interested, they can graze their way through the latest catalog and help you earn a few Host Rewards.


Hygge, done right, is such a wonderful, welcome escape from the hustle. Try it on with a few close friends, then plan on making it an annual (or monthly, or weekly) thing.

How do you hygge? Tell us in the comments.

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