How to use the rule of threes with your Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Warmers aren’t just great home fragrance systems — they’re great home décor! With high-quality designs in a huge variety of styles, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your vibe. But while any warmer can be a great statement piece on its own, one simple interior design trick can triple the wow factor: the rule of threes.

The rule of threes

Basically the “rule of threes” states that arranging items in groups of three can make them more engaging. This rule exists in many artforms, from photography to standup comedy — and there may be a psychological reason for this. As observes, three is the smallest number that can infer a pattern — and human brains love to find patterns. As far as interior design is concerned, there are several factors that make three a magic number.

Decorating in threes

In general, decorating in odd numbers can lend a sense of natural asymmetry to a space — decorations can’t be neatly subdivided into artificial-feeling pairs. Three is generally a good number because it keeps a décor theme from feeling repetitive or overwhelming, while still giving a sense of depth to the display. By decorating in groups of three, you can create visually engaging spaces using décor you already own!

Tri it out!

When talking about using the rule of threes with Scentsy Warmers, we’re not saying you need to group three warmers together in one spot — unless you really want to triple down on fragrance. In general, it’s best to decorate with three separate but related items linked by a theme. This could be a color, a function, or even just a general vibe. Many of these snapshots taken by Scentsy lovers even use Scentsy Bars as part of the ensemble! Far from being a limitation, the rule of threes can be a useful tool to let your creativity run wild!

Do you use the rule of threes when decorating with your Scentsy Warmers? We’d love to see it! Share your décor creations on social media using #ScentsySnapshot and give us a shout!

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