Scentsy’s new Fall/Winter 2022 fragrances

Just as the changing seasons introduce new experiences, Scentsy Catalogs bring fresh fragrances twice a year! The Fall/Winter 2022 Catalog is no exception, featuring 10 never-before-sniffed scents that span all seven of our fragrance families. Here’s an overview of these new additions to help you discover your next must-have Scentsy Bars:

New bakery scent

No autumn would be complete without the scent of warm treats! Cranapple Crumble is fresh out of the oven with notes of baked cranapple topped with brown sugar and a dollop of whipped cream!

New citrus scent

Citrus fragrances get plenty of time in the sun during the spring and summer, but with a pinch of spice, these bright notes are the perfect cold weather companions! The new Sips of Cider combines lively blood orange steeped with sparkling ginger and cinnamon stick.

New floral scent

Florals can bring an air of wistful enchantment as the frost sets in. As if capturing this magic, notes of soft vanilla flower and white musk glow behind a silky layer of foggy mist in our new Velvet Moon fragrance.

New fresh scents

Two additions to our Fall/Winter 2022 fresh scents celebrate both the crisp and the cozy sides of the season. Frosted Vanilla presents a wonderland of sweet vanilla bean and birch bark with a rush of frosty air. Meanwhile, White Amber & Silk brings notes of warm amber and bergamot wrapped up in comforting cotton.

New fruity scents

Two new fruity scents are on the table this catalog season! Black Currant & Plum features notes of dark plum and wild black currant that embolden sweet apple for a temptation you won’t want to resist. Pear-fect Day brings the fragrance of autumn pear mixed with spiced syrup and a spirited splash of bourbon.

New spice scent

While spice plays a supporting role in the fragrance profiles of many Fall/Winter 2022 scents, a new addition to this fragrance family is getting some time in the spotlight! Blackberry Spice shines with notes of ripe blackberry bundled up with cedarwood and fresh clove.

New woods scents

Whether you prefer the countryside or the mountains during the autumn, our two new woods fragrances have you covered! Fall-ing Apples lets you take a stroll through an orchard lined with crisp apple, acorn and oak. On the other hand, notes of fresh-picked huckleberry, mountain violet and crisp white woods create the perfect retreat in Huckleberry Hideaway.

Have you already fallen in love with any of these new Fall/Winter 2022 Scentsy fragrances? Let us know which ones in the comments!

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