Which countries have Scentsy Consultants?

Global map of our Scentsy consultants located in Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and North America

Did you know you can purchase Scentsy products on three continents? It’s true — Since 2004 Scentsy has grown from a business run out of a shipping container in Meridian, Idaho, to a truly global company. Currently, there are 12 countries Independent Scentsy Consultants call home — with more on the way! Here’s a look at our global Scentsy family:

Scentsy in North America

Scentsy started in the USA, and many of our products are still made here today. But Scentsy magic extends beyond borders! Both Mexico and Canada are home to a great many Consultants, and we all get a chance to meet up (in person and online) for Scentsy Family Reunion every year!

Scentsy in Europe

If you live across the pond, you’re in luck! Scentsy Consultants can be found in Ireland, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands — and coming soon: Belgium and Luxembourg! Between Europe and North America, Scentsy catalogs and products are translated into four languages, with even more regional variations (including catalogues in the Queen’s English)!

Scentsy in Australia and New Zealand

Now we’re truly going around the world! You can get your favorite Scentsy fragrances from Consultants in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and beyond! Of course, if you’re looking for summertime scents in August, you’ll have to venture to the Northern Hemisphere — autumn and winter products are currently in-season for Scentsy fans in Australia and New Zealand!

Bringing the world closer

From the very beginning, Scentsy has been about making connection through the power of fragrance. Thanks to our global family of Consultants, we’ve been able to bring more people together than ever before! If you live in one of the countries we’ve mentioned, and you don’t have a Consultant, you can find one at scentsy.com!

Have you made friends with Scentsy fans in other countries? Tell us how you met in the comments!

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