Bring paradise home with summer scents

Better than a postcard

Sun, fun, ocean views and tropical vacations are central themes in Scentsy’s Summer Collection, perfect for anyone missing the feeling of sand between their toes. The fragrances do more than simply capture classic tropical scents — they each evoke rich vacation experiences. Let’s don our swimsuits and dive into a few of these fragrances and the memories they evoke:

Beat the heat with a Blue Agave & Melon — Dahlia Darling Fragrance Flower

Sometimes soaking up the sun with a tropical beverage in-hand is just what the doctor ordered. Lush notes of blue agave, honeydew melon and kiwi pour out of this elegant Scentsy Flower, like the perfect frozen concoction to help you hang on to your beachside memories. And just like those sunny memories, this special flower will never wilt.

Take a trek to discover Fiji Flower Scentsy Bar

Find vivid beauty and enchanting fragrance on a tropical nature trail! As it melts, this Scentsy bar releases a bouquet of scents, including pink plumeria and pear blossom. Pop a few cubes into your Scentsy Warmer and relive those incredible hikes to fragrant island vistas.

Enjoy a sweet sunset with Coconut Daiquiri Scentsy Soak

There’s no better way to end a day spent at the beach than settling down with a deliciously cold daiquiri! This moisturizing Scentsy Soak features fruit-forward notes of coconut milk, banana and vanilla cream that may as well be fresh from the blender. Add some to your next bath, and reminisce about evenings spent in the shallows, watching the sun go down.

Fragrance has the power to sharpen some of our brightest memories, including treasured vacations. These are just a few examples with a fair bit of tropical nostalgia. Which Scentsy fragrances remind you of vacays from years past? Let us know in the comments!

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