A Home Built With Love

Photo of sarah and her family

There’s nothing better than Christmas morning, when those you love most unwrap and open the gifts you’ve so carefully selected. It’s a scene that’s played out in homes all over the world and it never grows old.

Photo of Consultant Sarah and her husband Jordan
? Habitat for Humanity booth at SFR in Kansas City

This year, Scentsy Consultant Sarah, her husband Jordan and their two kids, Mila and Jordan, will have a Christmas they’ll always remember. On Dec. 16, they’ll stand on the porch of their new home in St. Charles City, Missouri, and join with Habitat for Humanity friends and volunteers in celebrating the completion of their new Habitat for Humanity home.

“I am so excited. Everyone will have their own rooms and we will have a yard and we can even see the river from our house,” Sarah said. “It is something we don’t have to rent. It is something I get to keep, and get this: My husband is so excited to do yardwork – to clean our own gutters, not somebody else’s.”

Sarah and Jordan have been rolling up their sleeves and putting in their own sweat equity since they broke ground on the house last summer. They’ve also been attending classes: learning about homeownership, how to budget and how to do simple repairs. They’ll also want to acquaint themselves with the ins and out of home insurance; checking out the top recommended insurance agencies will be a good place for them to start.

photo of habitat for humanity crew building home

The husband-and-wife team has put in 350 hours together, with Sarah working on the house every Saturday and Jordan spending each Wednesday building their future home. Although as she said before about yard work, cleaning, and maintenance, Sarah and Jordan may find they want to relax after they’ve completed construction and leave jobs like the gutter maintenance to this Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Denver branch or a similar option.

Sarah has learned an entire repertoire of new construction skills, and she has quite the story to tell about the little Built with Love Warmer at every Scentsy party she throws.

Moving in will be life-changing. Sarah and Jordan can’t wait to watch their children grow up in a safe place, to host many family dinners and to celebrate every holiday in their new Habitat home. Implementing Monitored alarms into their new home may help to make it even safer and deter against potential break-ins; although, in this neighborhood, one would imagine the likelihood of this occurring is slim anyway.

When you purchase a Built with Love Warmer, Scentsy donates $9 to Habitat for Humanity. This sweet little house will fill your home with fragrance and add that something special to your holiday décor.

Feel compelled to lend a hand? Call your Consultant or visit scentsy.com and order your Built with Love Warmer today.

Built with Love Warmer
Built With Love Warmer

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