Scentsy IT, the “Investing Time” Department, Presents Scentsy Con!


Not so long ago,

in a department not so far away,

computer nerds began raising awareness

and money for a stellar event.

SCENTSY CON, a fundraiser for Computers for Kids, hosted by the superheroes of Scentsy’s Information Technology (IT) Department!

Date: Thursday, May 4. Time: 5-8 p.m. Place: Scentsy Commons.

IT’s mission to partner with Computers for Kids, the local non-profit organization providing home computers for Idaho school students, began in 2016.

To promote the event, IT members danced. And danced. And danced. First, at the Scentsy Halloween party as sort of a flash-drive mob (flash mob, for non-nerds). Then, at the company parties for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. After each performance they handed out fliers promoting the Scentsy Con event.

To raise money, they made and sold crafts, and held a bake sale that yielded more than $650! All the while they reached out to local businesses for donations — goods and services — to raffle off as prizes at the event, and sought numerous corporate sponsorships.

Why so dedicated? Scentsy IT’s Casey Lyon explains.

“We understand how important technology is for our future generations and our company. In 2017, the Idaho education system ranked 46th out of 50 states with a grade of 67.6 — or a D-plus. Supporting Computers for Kids is something we can do to help this rating and make a difference in our children’s education.”

The goal of Scentsy Con is to raise $5,000 to help Computers for Kids provide 75 computers for deserving children who are currently waiting for the opportunity to succeed.

IT’s efforts in this event will not only help close the “digital divide” between students with computers and those without, but also forward the Scentsy motto: Contribute more than you take.

And worthy of note: While the Scentsy Con idea originated in IT, efforts spread throughout the organization to include employees within Consultant Support, QA, Marketing, Finance, and Events.

So what can you expect at Scentsy Con, the fun-filled family extravaganza open to all? Well, in addition to cosplay (costume) contests for kids and adults, and picture taking with Stormtroopers from Boise’s own Vader’s Fist, there will be delicious food, carnival style activities and prizes for kids, a raffle and prizes for all, and more!

Open to the public. Entrance is free. Visit the Scentsy Con website for complete details.

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