DIY décor goes country!

Decoratively speaking, rustic-themed pieces are a sure thing.

They’re always in style and can work with nearly any décor, whether as small accents or larger statements.

Every season, we include several Warmers with a distinct rural vibe, and they’re always a huge hit with customers! But nothing makes your décor sing quite like a personally crafted touch, which is why we adore the combination of our Warmers and fragrances with some DIY flair. So if you perhaps like woodworking, have your own studio or have use of a studio and plenty of woodworking tools like tabletop saws, routers, jigsaws, and wood planers, why not have a go at getting crafty and see what you can create?!

Not sure where to start? Here are a few simple DIY ideas to inspire your country-themed creativity:

Milk Churn Vase

This is an easy option that’s guaranteed to stand out! All you need is an old-fashioned milk churn, flowers (store-bought or fresh-picked) and your imagination. Layer on the charm with our Live Simply Warmer – available as a full-size or Mini Warmer – and you have a sweet downhome duo.

What you need:

1 milk churn
Flowers of your choice
Florist tape

Tips for arranging the perfect bouquet:

Criss-cross florist tape across the opening of your milk churn to create a lattice grid to keep the flowers in place.

Insert flowers in assorted sizes and lengths to add variety and visual appeal.

Try arranging your blooms in a color scheme – like a rainbow! – for added effect.

Wood Crate Display Case

Gorgeous for any storage need – or to showcase your favorite decorative pieces – this easy-to-make display case is a perfect complement to our fresh-off-the-farm Fruit Crate Warmer!

What you need:

10 wood crates
Wood stain in the color of your choice
3 foam brushes
5-8 small tie plates
A few old T-shirts
Screws and a drill

What to do:

Using a foam brush, apply desired number of coats of stain to the crates. After each coat, be sure to wipe off any excess stain with one of the T-shirts.

Secure crates together in pairs with tie plates and screws. Stack or arrange finished crates as desired, and add your favorite decorations!

Silhouette Art

Silhouette art is simple, and you can tailor it to your interests – from country to cosmopolitan. Did you know we have our own version of silhouette art combining our Etched Core and Travertine Core Warmers with a variety of Wraps? They’re available in several styles, but the Farm Life and Countryside Wraps are perfect for your rustic dreams, and make charming companions to DIY silhouettes.

What you need:

Simple silhouette photo or image
White computer paper
Graphite transfer paper
Floating picture frame
Wall paint in the color of your choice

What to do:

Trace the photo of your choice -country-themed or not – onto the computer paper through the graphite transfer paper. Check out a detailed tutorial of this part of the process here here.

Cut out the silhouettes and position them between the glass of the floating frame.

Paint a square of color on the wall where you hang the frame so the silhouette pops!

Do you have a favorite DIY masterpiece, or is there a project you’ve always wanted to try? Tell us about it in the comments!


  1. Jessica Gentry

    Hello, I’m so happy to see all the new products and the ideas, that you are sharing with us, and the fragrances that you are sharing with us. I love this new idea going country. I think that it looks comfortable, and relaxing, and very close to home.

  2. Jessica Gentry

    Keep up with the good work.

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