Joining Scentsy is easy with our $49 Starter Kit promotion

Have you been thinking about joining Scentsy, but you’re not sure where to start?

Let us help you take the next step! It’s easy to find the Consultant mentor who’s right for you, then join now for just $49!

Step 1: Reach out! 

Create a post on Facebook or other social media asking if any of your friends are Scentsy Consultants. No response? Try using our “Find a Consultant” locator for someone near you.

Step 2: Ask questions! 

Once you’ve found a Consultant, pick their brain. Find out why they joined Scentsy, how Scentsy has impacted their life for the better and what they love about being a Consultant.

Step 3: Schedule a time to meet! 

Ask to meet with the Consultant to see if you two are a good fit. Think of this as an interview and ask any additional questions you can think of about their business. Maybe you want to know more about their level of commitment or how many hours they dedicate to Scentsy each week.

Step 4: Take the leap! 

Visit our website and enroll. It’s easy! Make sure to select the Consultant you want to enroll under and fill out your information. If you’re nervous about filling out the enrollment information, ask your Consultant to help walk you through the process. After all, we’re family!

Have questions about joining? Leave them in the comments, and make sure you visit to learn more about joining Scentsy!

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