6 ways to stay cozy all winter long

Hot chocolate in a ceramic mug with whipped cream and cinnamon sticks and a partially eaten gingerbread man

As fall slowly creeps into winter, the search for fun and happiness is more of an indoor thing. Fun is less about excitement or adventure and much more about feeling content and quietly happy – and doing whatever we can to warm up.

Coziness and contentment go hand in hand. So as the holiday season ramps up, find solace in all things fuzzy, warm, comforting, soothing or snuggly. Use any one of these ideas to help fill your comfort-craving hearth, but layer on a few – or them all – for the surest path to coziness.

1. Keep a warm, happy home

This is where it all begins. Whether you’re adding another log to the fireplace or one more batch of muffins to the oven, there’s nothing more comforting than actual warmth. So, notch up the thermostat or light a fire and let your house wrap you in a toasty hug!

Muffins cooling on a wire rack

2. Fill your mug

There’s warmth, then there’s warmth from the inside out. Coffee, tea, cocoa, cider – it doesn’t matter what you choose as long as it’s nice and hot. Wrap your mug in a tea cozy for extra comfort.

3. Get fuzzy

That worn-in-to-perfection sweatshirt. Those eyelash-soft PJ pants. Anything cashmere or chenille. From the moment you arrive home, get out of your work clothes and dress way down by only choosing the softest, light as-air clothing – no buttons, zippers or style required. Then wrap yourself up in a fluffy throw blanket for good measure.

Scentsy styled shot with a woman and dog under a blanket

4. Turn the lights down low

Say goodbye to bright overhead lights and switch on softly glowing lamps, or better yet, enjoy an evening by firelight.

5. Fill your space with fragrance

Think spice, woods or fresh-from-the-oven bakery scents – the ones that give your senses that warm-and-fuzzy feeling. Take the guesswork out by shopping Scentsy’s new Cozy Collection, featuring five new scents inspired by comfort: Cozy Cabin, Cozy Cookie, Cozy Spice, Cozy Cashmere, and Cozy Cranberry. Cuddle up with the whole set or just pick a Scentsy Bar or two in the fragrances that tempt you.

6. Gather the people you love most

This is another opportunity to add warmth to your world from the inside out. Snuggle up with someone you love on the couch, tuck in and read a good book with the kids or finally get out that 500-piece puzzle you’ve been meaning to tackle as a family. Just keep the activity chill to stay cozy.

Before you settle in, reach out to your Scentsy consultant to restock your coziest fragrances (or find a Consultant here), then go get your cozy on.

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