Be inspired to live with #NoLimits!

These days, it’s hard to write, think or say anything without inspiring a hashtag.

That little pound sign somehow makes a joke seem more funny, a cause feel more poignant or a completely random thought seem worth sharing — with the whole wide world.

But hashtags don’t just help us express ourselves, they represent an all-consuming trend, online and #IRL. Hashtags show up in skits and songs on late-night TV. There’s nary a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook post without them. And more and more often, people actually hashtag out loud in conversation!


Bottom line? Hashtags are here to stay!

And we’ve embraced them wholeheartedly with a limited-edition #NoLimits Wax Collection, featuring five new Scentsy Bar fragrances to inspire us all — because isn’t that what good hashtags do best?

Each #NoLimits fragrance was inspired by a different motivational mantra to help you keep your eyes on the prize:

  • #DreamBig offers a burst of black currant, mimosa blossom, fresh pineapple and vanilla orchid.
  • #BestLife keeps it sweet with apricot nectar, fresh blackberries, sugar crystals and mashed strawberry.
  • #Hustle spurs you on with juniper leaves, coastal mist, lavender breeze and earthy driftwood.
  • #Goals blends spirited citron zest and pomelo grounded with hints of cashmere and teakwood.
  • #Shine radiates with tarocco orange, sparkling citron and yellow wildflower over creamy musk.

The collection even includes a cool #NoLimits phone holder as a free gift!

Experience #NoLimits

Every hashtag needs a quip, and every Scentsy Bar needs a warmer. Drop a few cubes of your favorite #NoLimits fragrance in an equally inspiring Scentsy Warmer and get ready to take on the world.

Here are a few match-ups we love:


The #NoLimits Wax Collection is only available for a limited time, so embrace your inner #FOMO and #Don’tWait! Shop through your Scentsy Consultant, or find a Consultant at


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