Think outside the pumpkin for your fall décor

We love the pumpkin! And we’re not afraid to put our love on display.

Just about every storefront, porch and stoop is lined with squatty gourds this time of year, in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Sure, pumpkins might be the obvious way to bring seasonality to your fall décor, but this year we challenge you to think outside the pumpkin.

Whether you prefer to keep things subtle or go all out with each new season, there are ways to bring fall warmth to your home that have nothing to do with fruit, squash, gourds or anything of that sort.

There’s a whole autumn-crazy world of home accents, fragrances and more to explore!

Fall pumpkin stand with bright orange pumpkins on wooden stairs

Chrysanthemum’s the word

Have you noticed how glorious all the mums look this year? Most grocery and home stores have pots overflowing with mums of all colors, and they’ll look just as fab on your front porch as they do at the sidewalk sale.

It’s best to plant mums in early spring, to give roots plenty of time to establish before cooler weather hits. But huge, full-bloom flower pots are incredibly affordable right now, so even if you treat them like outdoor bouquets and can only cross your fingers they’ll come back next year, it’s well worth the investment.

Red chrysanthemum flowers blooming

Make like a tree and leaf!

As autumn leaves begin to fall, don’t just mulch them up with the mower or bag them for the curb. Set aside a colorful pile and create your own front-door wreath, a garland for your mantle or use singles here and there on centerpieces and shelves to add fall flair.

There are countless leaf-themed accents on the store shelves, but we’re completely loving our Crystal Leaves Warmer — and we know you will, too. A flurry of etched leaves comes alive when illuminated. It’s practically magical, and it doubles as a vessel for your favorite fall fragrances.

Scents of the season

Honestly, we have about a dozen pumpkin fragrances at Scentsy this time of year — First Day of Fall is an instant classic! — but there are also plenty of crisp apple scents, clove- and cinnamon-spiced standouts and warm wood notes to choose from.

Enjoy the whole gamut with the Harvest Delights Scentsy Bar 3-Pack. It includes three very warm and wonderful, very non-pumpkin fall fragrances that are only available in this cost-saving bundle:

  • Huckleberry Apple Pie
    Sweet apple and huckleberry topped with creamy vanilla make for a glorious (and guilt-free!) fall indulgence.
  • Apple Cherry Cider
    Toast to the harvest with fresh-picked apple and cherry heightened by cinnamon stick.
  • Cinnamon Roasted Pear
    Fall for rich roasted pear spiced with clove, cinnamon and a touch of vanilla bean.

See ya later, pumpkin!

As you explore all this season has to offer, reach out to your Scentsy Consultant to shop all the pumpkin-free pleasures you can stand. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one at

(And if it just doesn’t feel right without at least one big ol’ pumpkin on your porch this season, you won’t catch any judgment from us.)

Here’s to fall!

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