Nothing says on-trend like our new Scentsy Buddy clothing line!

Scentsy Buddies dressed in seasonal outfits

Do you struggle every morning trying to figure out what to wear because Old Man Winter threw a snow shovel in your closet?

Your Scentsy Buddy feels the same way! Sure, they wake up in the same soft and cozy fur every day, but who doesn’t enjoy mixing it up once in a while?

Let Scentsy make it easier on you with hot clothing trends for a cold winter. These charming and fashionable threads come with the added bonus that you and your Scentsy Buddy can sport matching looks this season!

Milford the Moose scentsy buddy wearing plaid scarf

Trend: Clad in plaid

Milford the Moose knows a plaid scarf is steeped in Scottish traditional while also representing a modern-day love for the cross-barred pattern. Pair a plaid scarf with a classic pea coat or denim shirt, or go all in with a plaid skirt and tights!

Lenny the Lamb Scentsy buddy dressed in a red holiday sweater

Trend: Red and ready

Stop everything and add a red stocking hat and mittens to complement your winter coat. Try a pair of red boots or heels with your favorite little black dress, or don a Nordic-inspired sweater just like your favorite Buddy now can! To purchase a Buddy Sweater (adorable on Lenny the Lamb!).

Frost the Polar Bear Scentsy buddy dressed in a fur line jacket


Trend: Fun fur

Everyone wants to be as stylish as our Buddies. Surely that’s what has inspired the current fur-lined trend hitting coats and sweaters in department stores across the country. That’s right, folks — Frost the Polar Bear is a trendsetter! Wear one to stay warm this winter, and don’t forget one for your Buddy, available here!

What is your favorite winter fashion trend for you OR your Scentsy Buddy?

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