Warm the Heart: Scentsy’s connection with Valais Blacknose sheep

Continuing our exploration of Scentsy’s core values, we’re celebrating Warm the Heart Week! For us, warming the heart means returning to our roots and recognizing our Scentsy family and how far we’ve all come together. In the spirit of reflecting on our past, we’re launching a new Scentsy Buddy, Valley the Valais Blacknose Sheep, a whole month before her “official” debut in the Fall/Winter 2022 Catalog!

Way Baaaack When

Scentsy began in a shipping container on a sheep farm in Meridian, Idaho, and on that farm lived Valais Blacknose sheep. Valais Blacknose sheep are known to be friendly, affectionate and completely adorable. Who wouldn’t love their extra fluffy, shaggy wool mops and unique markings? These sweet sheep are native to Switzerland, but Scentsy Co-Owner Orville Thompson helped bring them to Idaho via New Zealand! These unique and adorable sheep are forever tied to Scentsy history, which makes Valley the perfect Buddy for Warm the Heart Week! 

How it started/how it’s going

While Scentsy may still be headquartered in Meridian, we’ve grown a fair bit bigger than a single shipping container. We’ve since become a global leader in home fragrance, with Independent Scentsy Consultants on three continents — and we couldn’t have gotten here without our Scentsy family. From driven Independent Scentsy Consultants to longtime fans of our fragrances, we couldn’t have come as far as we have without the support of our community. We have plenty of fun activities in store as our way of giving thanks for this incredible journey.

Thompson's photo collage with sheep

Get in on the fun

If you want to be a part of Warm the Heart Week, follow Scentsy on social media. All week we’ll be putting out content with #WarmTheHeart, so be sure to keep an eye out! Want to see some of the other ways we’ve celebrated Scentsy’s core values? Check out our posts on Enliven the Senses Week and Inspire the Soul Week!

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  1. Bonnie Clark

    Thank You for sharing the history of Scentsy! Tamica Morehouse is my consultant and she is fantastic!!! I love the products she has introduced to me! The Whiff Boxes are awesome! I look forward to them every month! I was a true Bath and Body Works type of gal, not anymore! Scentsy tops them all! I find it interesting about the sheep!

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