Choose your mood with Scentsy Oils

Have you ever slipped into a mental funk with no idea how to shake it? Especially when you’re tired, overworked or feeling stressed, it can be difficult to move out from under the cloud of anxiety or worry — that, or you just keep go-go-going to keep unhappy thoughts at bay.

When you’re feeling low, or having trouble focusing, resting or greeting the morning with a smile, you can use the right fragrance to help boost your state of mind and actually choose your mood.

Filling the air with lemon or another happy citrus can help engage you, and make you feel more alert and proactive. Or when you need to rest, experiencing a scent like tranquil lavender can help settle you down for an afternoon catnap.

With this in mind, our fragrance designers put their expert skills into action by blending pure essential oils into unique, all-natural fragrances that help reset (or magnify) your mood. Then we recategorized our entire selection of Scentsy Oils, new and long-loved, into categories that reflect the moods they help engage.

Balance, calm, comfort, uplift

Consider your current headspace or a common source of frustration in your life, then take a moment to meet our new mood makers. And because you can’t experience Scentsy Essential Oils without one, we also made Scentsy Diffuser recommendations to help lift your spirits and fill your space with all-natural fragrance.

It’s time to choose your mood:


Here’s the scenario: You want to live each day more intentionally, to be mindful of your thoughts and stop letting life happen to you. You love the idea of meditation, and believe in its benefits, but can’t seem to quiet your mind long enough to find any peace.

When your mind defaults to survival mode, diffuse essential oils for balance to find your center and feel rejuvenated:

  • New! Ginger Tea & Lime
  • Just-brewed ginger tea finds balance in a lime zest twist and hints of fruity-floral ylang ylang.
  • New! Sea Salt & Lotus
  • Balancing lotus and fragrant eucalyptus stay fresh under a pinch of sea salt.

Scentsy Diffuser pick: Renew, for its artfully simple yet subtly mesmerizing pattern.


Here’s the scenario: Your day is coming to an end — it’s time to settle your mind and body for a good night’s sleep. But you can’t seem to slow things down! Your mind keeps running through the list of things you need to get done, so you just can’t relax.  

When every day feels like a sprint, diffuse calming essential oils, exhale and get some well-deserved shuteye.  

  • New! Rose Water Lavender
  • Immerse yourself in rose water accented by soothing lavender and a soft swirl of vanilla.
  • New! White Lavender Mint
  • Calming white lavender frolics with fresh garden mint and a whiff of soft ember woods.

Scentsy Diffuser pick: Reflect, so you can drift off with a soothing, starry-sky view.


Here’s the scenario: You’ve had one of those days when the world feels against you — things just won’t go right. As a result, you want to curl up in a ball, hide under the covers and wish away the rest of the day. You could use encouragement, but there’s no one around to wrap you up in a big bear hug or remind you that everything is going to be OK.

When you need something warm and familiar, diffuse comforting oils to surround yourself with good feelings.  

  • New! Cardamom & Vanilla
  • Spicy notes of cardamom and cinnamon mellow out over a smooth vanilla base.
  • New! Rosewood Vanilla
  • Tranquil, earthy notes of rosewood and cedar are sweetened by vanilla and a warm sprinkle of cinnamon.

Scentsy Diffuser pick: Enrich, because its sweet flower power is sure to help you smile.


Here’s the scenario: It’s a new day — time to believe in new possibilities! Whether you’re facing a big goal or looking for an extra boost to help you push through a difficult project or situation, it’s time to wake up and hit the ground running.

When you need something bright, diffuse essential oils in uplifting scents to put an extra spring in your step:

  • New! Citrus & Verbena
  • Uplifting notes of orange and verbena bring some sunshine to fields of dewy grass.
  • New! Sea Salt & Grapefruit
  • Pink sea salt tops lively lemon and grapefruit for an invigorating twist on a classic citrus scent.

Scentsy Diffuser pick: New! Shine, to help you channel your inner mermaid.

Feeling better?

Harness the power of all-natural fragrance to help determine your feelings and set you up for every joyful, productive or completely restful moment. You won’t believe how much better you’ll feel.

To shop Scentsy Diffusers and Oils, reach out to your Consultant or visit their website. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one and shop here.

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