For the love of rainbows, sparkles and unicorns!

If you think rainbows and unicorns should be reserved for pre-teen slumber parties, think again! For a while now, all things magical, sparkly, mythical and rainbowed are all the rage, from home and party décor to cosmetics and clothing — for kids and adults!

We all want to experience a bit of magic in our daily lives, if for no other reason than to smile more. So, we’re officially inviting you to embrace the wonder of it all — and shine bright with Scentsy.

If you can be anything, be a unicorn

Funny how a horse is a horse, but add one mythical horn and you’ve got something truly fantastic. Meet Halley the Unicorn! She’s a little bit spunky and a little bit sparkly, totally ready to make a new friend the center of her universe. But just like a passing comet, she won’t be around forever. Halley is only available while supplies last.

Our Scentsy Buddies are great for kids of all ages, but we have unicorns for days (in all sizes, too):

Be still, our glitter-loving hearts!

Get this: We love it so much we designed an entire fragrance collection inspired by unicorns, pixie dust and all things sparkly. Chase your daydreams with the new Fantasy Wax Collection, a set of five super-fun Scentsy Bar fragrances:

  • Confetti Party
  • It’s raining fun! Powdered sugar celebrates over a gala of green apple and fresh, citrusy kiwi.
  • Pixie Sparkle
  • Sparkling strawberry skipping over vanilla marshmallow and breezy blush amber feels just like a fairy tale.
  • Rainbow Berry
  • Colorful mixed berries and vanilla band together for some fun in a fragrance rainbow worth chasing.
  • Sparkling Sugar
  • Wild pineapple and sparkling yuzu flirt boldly with sugared musk in a thrilling tropical twist.
  • Unicorn Kisses
  • This fantasy-making fragrance proves that anything’s possible with pink watermelon, cherry lollipop and rainbow rose.

Fantasy fragrances are only available for a limited time, so don’t miss your chance! The set comes in a cute organza bag, perfect for gifting to your glitter-loving BFFs, teens or anyone who loves bold, fruity scents.

Sparkle more, smile more!

Happy feelings are inevitable when you’re hugging a glittery, scented new friend or there’s fantastical fragrance filling the air. Halley the Unicorn and the Fantasy Wax Collection are only available while supplies last, so reach out to your Consultant and grab hold of that magic!

Don’t have a Scentsy Consultant? Find one here.


  1. Kathleen Bass

    Cathy need a warmer and wax melts for it, is there a page you have with the warmers and fragrances on it?

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