Gift ideas under $10

There’s a certain magic to gift-giving: Watching the smile light up a special someone’s face is a present all on its own! Of course, it can be hard to shop for everyone in your life. Making sure your family has something under the tree can be stressful enough — finding something for your coworker, your hair stylist or your mail delivery driver can feel like a bridge too far. That’s why we’ve put together these fun, fragrant gift ideas — all under $10 (USD)!

Gift ideas for coworkers

You see them throughout the work week as you help one another get the job done time and again — so why not shower these coworkers in holiday cheer? Finding the right gift can depend on the coworker and what they’re into. Have they mentioned owning a dog? Some Honey & Chamomile Freshen Up Pup Dog Deodorizing Spray will be appreciated by coworker and furry friend alike! Or, surprise a member of your team with some Apricot Vanilla Hand Cream to keep their hands soft and scented during the harsh winter months (and beyond)!

Gift ideas for delivery drivers

From food and mail to presents and impulse buys, deliveries have become an increasingly frequent part of life in 2020. If you want to flip the script by delivering a little joy to a hard working postal worker or delivery driver, we recommend  a Clothesline Scentsy Car Bar. This fresh, clean fragrance can keep their moods bright and their spirits  high while they go about their routes!

Gift ideas for Scentsy fans

If you’ve got someone in your life who shares your love of Scentsy, why not help them indulge? A three-pack of Scent Circles will help any Scentsy lover sample new fragrances — and maybe even discover a new favorite. If they have a child who owns a Scentsy Buddy, a Butter Pecan Scent Pak makes a perfect, practical gift!

Gift ideas for neat-freaks

We all have at least one in our life: that person who keeps everything spotless no matter how busy their life may be. For these inspiring paragons of cleanliness, few gestures mean more than simply helping them restock their ever-dwindling supply of cleaning materials. A bottle of Blue Grotto Bathroom Cleaner or Go, Go, Mango Hand Soap is sure to bring a sparkling smile to their face.

 Remember, a gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be deeply meaningful! The key is finding a present that shows someone you recognize and appreciate them. That’s the kind of heartwarming sentiment that will bring a smile to anyone’s face when they see (or smell) your gift.


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    Im looking for a seahawk and raiders warmers

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