Scentsy’s Easter Collection is the perfect touch of spring

Scent products and home décor from the Scentsy Easter Collection

Easter is a celebration of so many sensations: Soothing pastels, plush textures, and an awakening to the sights, sounds and fragrances of the world blooming around us.

Whether or not you observe the holiday, it’s the season to embrace springtime themes. Scentsy’s Easter Collection will enhance the holiday and elevate your décor, mood and relationships. Decorate your home, offer thoughtful gifts and enhance the atmosphere with these ideas:

A lively palette

Spring (and Easter) focus on all things vital, young and natural. The traditional pastel color theme works for a reason! Sprinkle it throughout your home for an upscale, elevated aesthetic with accents like pillows, linens and décor items. Scentsy’s Hoppy Easter Warmer is a white rabbit with a pink bow, a farmhouse style homage to the holiday. Whimsy is another good option, like our Gnome For Easter Warmer.

Gnome for Easter Wax Warmer from the Scentsy Easter Collection

A luxe present

While we are looking forward to warmer days and the abundance of spring, we can also look back with fondness and nostalgia to our own childhoods filled with fluffy chicks, lush bunnies, egg hunts and delicious treats. Not to mention, the brightest outfits of the year! There isn’t anything wrong loving these things as an adult, because connecting with memories is important. Make new memories with special gifts for others, including the huggable, touchable Rosalina the Rabbit Scentsy Buddy. She’s adorned in pastel flowers, and makes a tender companion to hold and cherish in any home.  

A fresh breeze

Crocus and daffodils are pushing their way out of the dark and cold of winter to remind us that warmth and light are always around the corner. Scentsy’s seasonal fragrances enhance the transition from cozy, bundled winter to springtime exuberance and joy. Try our Easter 3-Bar Bundle of Scentsy Bars in new fragrances:

  • Mandarin Zest: Sweet mandarin and watery pear bring out sunshine and blue skies with a hint of vanilla.  
  • Pinkberry Fluff: Pinkberry, marshmallow and vanilla bean swirl in an airy, irresistible combination. 
  • Violet Spun Sugar: Tart cloudberries meet violet water and spun sugar for a celebration of whimsy.  

What is your favorite Easter or springtime tradition? Comment below!


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