Give yourself a much-needed hug with Scentsy fragrances

Mother and Son hugging in the laundry room with a freshly washed towel wrapped around him that was washed with Scentsy laundry liquid

The term “self-care” is a trending pop culture slogan that reflects the reality of modern life. Practicing self-care doesn’t mean we are weak or lazy. The truth is, as a society, we work a lot, we’re stressed, the world seems in a bit of constant chaos, and we need to find a way to look after ourselves. We could all just use a cuddle and a little bit of comfort. Enter: fragrance.

Fragrance has the magical ability to connect us to our memories, to meaningful moments and people. Think of the irresistible scent of your favorite meal bubbling on the stove, a newborn baby or a flower from your grandmother’s garden.

If you need a fragrant hug, here are several Scentsy options to help evoke the feeling of a warm embrace:

Cozy Cardigan. If you can think of a Scentsy product, it likely comes in this favorite fragrance. That’s because Cozy Cardigan feels like a night in with zero commitments. Fragrance notes include rose and amber. Add a Fragrance Flower on your nightstand for a soothing bedtime.

Luna. Take a deep breath and release those shoulders from your ears. The light florals, berries and sandalwood of this ever-popular fragrance shimmer in the background as you relax. Try it for a bath time spa break with Scentsy Soak.

Welcome Home. Few things feel more nostalgic than memories of holidays with hugs and treats. Warm cinnamon and welcoming spices summon the comfort of winter months among family and friends. A Welcome Home Scentsy Bar  will wrap you up all season long.

Cashmere & Corduroy. Give yourself the gift of lasting coziness and comfort with Scentsy Hand Cream featuring soothing vanilla and sandalwood.

Hug in a Mug. When TLC is on the menu, this fragrance envelops your home — and heart — in warm chocolate, hazelnut and delicious cookie dough. Our Room Spray is a guiltless sweet snack for your senses!

What fragrance evokes your fondest memories? Tell us in the comments.

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