Scentsy Warmers to bring the peace of nature indoors

Nothing soothes a hectic mind like being in nature. Whether you stroll through a manicured English garden, sit outside a café on an oak-lined street or jog past a cheerful patch of dandelions, you’re doing your soul good by being outdoors.

Natural décor evokes this comforting mentality through organic shapes, plant-inspired textures and colors you’ll find outside your window. This style calls for an understated elegance and uses balanced, tranquil tones to freshen up your home.

Some poets and artists spend their lives describing and depicting nature. Scentsy has also created several natural masterpieces to bring the peace and authentic beauty of nature into your space.

Ready for serenity

The Rooftop Garden Warmer is a welcome reminder that you don’t need a big garden of your own to enjoy the great outdoors. Hand-painted embossed flowers stand out against a concrete-colored background, while asymmetrical points of light shine out when the warmer is lit — a pristine medley of organic and modern design.

See the light

We love the Unbe-leaf-able Warmer for more than its punny name. Intricately patterned leaves stand out against the matte lilac finish, mimicking the way sunlight dapples the ground with leafy shafts of light. For a similar pop of color, look to the Pretty in Purple Mini Warmer.

Easy does it

Add delicate touches of natural décor with Scentsy Mini Warmers. Perfect for smaller spaces like bathrooms and offices, just plug these warmers into a wall outlet or use a Mini Warmer Tabletop Base to let these natural beauties shine.

The Lavender Love Mini Warmer features the imprints of real lavender sprigs, creating an everlasting bouquet. For butterfly lovers, the Butterfly Season Mini Warmer lets your imagination roam through a springtime meadow year-round. As an added detail, an enchanting butterfly cutout casts light on nearby surfaces.

If you’re less inclined to whimsy, the Sage Advice Mini Warmer lends subtle sophistication while still drawing inspiration from fresh greenery. Make your space feel grounded and connected to the earth with this warmer’s sage green hue.

How do you incorporate nature into your décor? Tell us in the comments!

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