Hack your spring cleaning with these tips

Spring cleaning with Scentsy all-purpose counter clean spray

By the end of March, most of us are ready for springtime sunshine, green grass and birdsong floating through open windows. But sometimes winter is slow to thaw, leaving us trapped indoors, itching for fresh air.

What better way to put your pent-up cabin fever energy to use than with a bit of spring cleaning? With these tips, you’ll be ready to burst through the doors at the first hint of spring, knowing that a fresh, clean house is waiting at the end of your day in the sun.

Make a list

If your laundry list (literal or figurative) is stuck inside your mind, it’s easy to let a task slip through the cracks. To prevent this, write it all down and keep your list in a place that’s easy to find. Not only will it help you keep track of your progress, but you also get the satisfaction of checking items off the list!

Delegate the duties

Involve all the members of your household in your spring cleaning whenever possible. Maybe your pets won’t be able to help tackle the messes — they’re better suited for creating messes, after all but as for everyone else, assign them chores so you’re not taking on everything alone. And when a project is too big, consider bringing in professional cleaners.


It might sound silly to clean before you clean, but your prep work will pay off! Sort through your cleaning supplies and make sure you have everything you need for a successful spring-cleaning mission. Maybe you’ll need to buy sponges, or maybe it’s time to retire a broom. If you find that you’ve run out of cleaning supplies, never fear: Scentsy’s Clean and Laundry products are here to help you conquer your cleaning nightmares. A fragrance like Fiji Flower adds a pinch of spring to your laundry, even if you’re still feeling the winter blues.

Scentsy laundry products including washer whiffs, laundry liquid and dryer disks all scented in Fiji Flower to add a scent of spring to your laundry

Plus, if you subscribe to Scentsy Club, we’ll consistently deliver products on your schedule!


After months spent indoors, it can be hard to imagine what our homes looked like before everything became so cluttered. If you are feeling low on motivation, sometimes all it takes is a bit of reorganizing to get into the spirit of clean. Fold some blankets, fluff your pillows and suddenly — you can see your couch again! Once you’re on a roll, grab a couple of storage bins and start labeling. Don’t be afraid to get rid of things either; there are plenty of ways to donate well-used items. If you need some extra cash, garage sale season is right around the corner.

Finishing touches

Once your floors are clean and your countertops sparkle, it’s time to put the finishing touches in place. Maybe it’s rearranging some furniture, or maybe it’s a vase full of flowers to freshen up the whole house. If you’re looking for something extra fresh, try one of our fragrances like Amazon Rain or Aloe Water & Cucumber, both of which can be found as Scentsy Fragrance Flowers, perfect for adding a fresh touch to your home.

Scentsy fragrance flowers

What are you most excited for this spring? Do you have any cleaning tips of your own? Leave a comment telling us how you get the ball rolling!

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