Hooray for International Fragrance Day!

It’s no secret: We love fragrance and how it makes life better! Emotion, mood, memories, holidays, Tuesdays — the right scent has the power to enhance them all.

March 21 is International Fragrance Day (our favorite day!), so we planned something special.

In honor of this most wonderful holiday, we want to help you find your signature scent for the season. Whether you’ve been clinging to the same Scentsy bestseller for years or you’re always hunting for something new, each season brings an opportunity to shake things up, olfactively speaking, which can stir up new emotions or memories, enlivening your whole world.

Fill your life with fragrance

Let’s start by exploring the new fragrances we released in the Spring/Summer 2020 Catalog.

  • Did you know? All New Releases are available as Scentsy Bars, Scent Circles and Room Sprays in their first catalog season. But when fans rally behind certain fragrances or make special requests, we consider adding them them to other categories like Body, Laundry, Kids and Clean.

The best way to shop new fragrances is in person with your Scentsy Consultant — set up a time to experience all 10 over brunch or during your kids’ playdate.

If you plan to shop online, or just want extra help choosing a new favorite, there are four elements to every Scentsy fragrance to guide you when you can’t smell them all in person: the fragrance name, color, description (which includes key ingredients) and fragrance family.

What’s your go-to fragrance family?

Most people gravitate toward scents composed of similar fragrance notes, and the fragrance families can help you get there. There are seven families — fruity, citrus, floral, fresh, woods, spice and bakery — that make it easy to shop and discover new favorites. If you really want to branch out on your signature scent, use the fragrance wheel to pick neighboring families that just might complement your taste … er, smell.

We’re welcoming warmer weather, so all our new scents live in four spring- and summer-friendly families: fruity, citrus, floral and fresh. Check out what’s new:


Ripe, fresh-squeezed and always sweet.

  • Berry Bright
  • Color: blue
  • Description: Blue raspberry and fresh clementine light the way to sweet sugar plum.
  • Chili Mango
  • Color: orange
  • Description: Just-sliced mango and juicy peach go a little rogue with a sassy hint of chili.
  • Mahalo Coconut
  • Color: blue
  • Description: Paradise is only a whiff away with floral Hawaiian lei and violet over fruity-fresh pineapple.
  • Peach Nectar
  • Color: peach
  • Description: Delicate peach skin and blue freesia settle into a bed of billowy musk clouds.
  • Rainbow Sherbet
  • Color: pink
  • Description: It’s a classic! Orange zest, sugared strawberry and Key lime zing just like the real thing.

If you love fruity fragrances, also try:


Fantasy to real-life floral bouquets.

  • Here Comes the Sun(flowers)
  • Color: yellow
  • Description: Sun-kissed petals and fruity musk celebrate all things spring with a sweet pop of strawberry.
  • Hibiscus Pineapple
  • Color: pink
  • Description: Mandarin, coconut and a touch of warm sandalwood tell an enchanting tropical tale.

If you love floral fragrances, also try:


From the spa to the beach to a sunny meadow stroll.

  • Iridescent Pearl
  • Color: blue-green
  • Description: Lustrous layers of ripe, juicy mango and apple blossom wind down with tranquil water lotus.
  • Mineral Oasis
  • Color: blue
  • Description: Dewy seagrass and blooming Osmanthus drift across dreamy turquoise waters.

You’re just a few sniffs away from your go-to scent of the season. Be sure to explore the new Spring/Summer 2020 Catalog and all the returning scents that fill out our fragrance families — there are 81 Scentsy Bar fragrances alone! Your Scentsy Consultant is armed and ready with scent testers so you can sample each and every one. Happy sniffing!

To shop, reach out to your Scentsy Consultant or visit their website. Don’t forget to explore Bundle & Save options if you plan to stock up! If you don’t have a Consultant, find one at scentsy.com.

Happy International Fragrance Day!


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    I am a black raspberry vanilla fan and now rainbow sherbert!!

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