How to max out May flower power

Next time you’re driving to work or walking your neighborhood, look around: EVERYTHING is in bloom. The whole world (extreme climates aside) is bursting with spring color! It’s hard not to feel inspired.

Even if you don’t particularly enjoy gardening, you probably still appreciate the beauty and fragrance that comes with a full flower bed. Here are a few ways to enjoy spring’s blooming bounty — without getting your hands too dirty:

Talk to your local nursery.

You don’t need a naturally green thumb to create your own showy landscape, but don’t go it alone! The experts at your local nursery can inform you on what grows best in your area, which plants and flowers require the least amount of maintenance and the most effective products for keeping weeds or harmful bugs at bay.

If you really, really, really don’t want to plant anything yourself, they probably also sell potted or hanging gardens that include complementary blooms and pro-level planting. Pick one up and just add water!

Collage of nursery and flowers

Get the kids involved.

It can sometimes be a chore to get kids excited about, well, chores, but if they’re doing the dirty work in the garden, you don’t have to! Here are a few ideas to help pique their interest:

  • Kids like digging in the dirt. Pick up child-sized gloves, shovels and watering cans to help them feel in charge.
  • Bring on the butterflies! Pick out plants that attract them, like milkweed, then remind your kids to keep an eye out — and to pick a few unwanted weeds while they’re at it.
  • Make it magical. Help kids create their own rock or fairy garden, then remind them to keep the surrounding plants watered and healthy to keep their “tenants” happy.

child planting plant

Fake it with fragrance.

More often than not, home or personal fragrance includes a floral ingredient to help make it sing — even if it’s just there to add body or depth. At Scentsy, we use 30-60 ingredients in every Scentsy Bar fragrance to get it just right, and the recipe usually includes a bit of flower power!

For more flower-forward scents, we also have an entire floral category that celebrates rose, freesia, lilac and just about every other fragrant bloom you can think of. From all-natural oils to authentically designed Scentsy Bars and on-the-go products, you can create your own bouquet! Here are a few scents we love for May:


What’s your favorite floral fragrance? Tell us in the comments!

To shop Scentsy fragrances, reach out to your Consultant. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one here.

Friends laughing in field of flowers



  1. Marla Libertore

    Do you still sell the plug in wall Scentsy? And the refills for it? Also I’m interested in scented ” soap on a rope” bard. Do you make them. They are hard to find.

    • Scentsy

      Hi Marla, we do still have plug-in Mini Warmers! Check them out here – New Scentsy Bar wax can be found here – As for the soap on a rope, we don’t have a product like that at the moment. ?

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