Long on style — short on square footage

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Decorating tips for small spaces

Good things often come in small packages. Your home is no exception. Even the tiniest homes can have great style and big impact. All it takes is smart room planning, streamlined furniture choices and choosing accessories right-sized for smaller rooms. Scentsy Mini Warmers are perfect for smaller spaces and come in many styles to complement your décor. You can find some more furniture online at www.furnitureinfashion.net,

Here are some tried-and-true tricks to maximize small-space living without compromising style.

Connect your rooms with color.

Using one wall color throughout your living spaces is a simple and effective way to create a unifying thread in a small home. That doesn’t mean all your walls have to be the same color, but subtle changes in the same color family usually work best to maintain a unified, consistent feel.

Create a color “story” for your home.

If you’re craving more than one color, pick a color theme. Choose two or three colors that complement each other and tie them together from room to room with accessories.

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Scale down your furniture.

Opt for two love seats instead of one bulky couch, and choose streamlined pieces in lieu of overstuffed ones. Opt for “leggy” furniture that creates an airier feel and takes up less visual space. Lucite (clear hard plastic) furniture is all the rage right now and creates the illusion of less bulk. Swap out a large coffee table for nesting tables, or use a bar cart on wheels by the bedside or other unexpected places. Get creative!

Make an entryway.

Even if your front door steps straight into your living room, adding a “pause“ near the doorway gives the illusion of separation. An undersized console table, preferably one with doors to hold keys, sunglasses and mail works well here, but a heavier piece that provides extra storage is also a smart solution.

Mirrors, mirrors, everywhere.

They’re your small space BFF, reflecting light and visually expanding your space.

Layer your lighting.

Illuminate dark areas with wall-mounted lighting, freeing up tabletops for lamps and low-level light sources that create mood and add ambiance. Not only does our Scentsy Go deliver a soft, warm glow that enhances any space, it also emits fabulous Scentsy fragrance (a sometimes overlooked element to creating an inviting home). You can even choose fragrances that evoke your style and the mood you want to convey.

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Go vertical.

Tall armoires and shelving draw the eye up and utilize under-used vertical spaces for storage or displaying books and home accessories. Tall headboards in bedrooms make a strong design statement without taking up premium floor space. If you want to make your own DIY headboard to add a strong statement in your room then check out this toildrop article to see if you want to make any of the headboards on there.

Shelf it.

Open shelving, modular shelving and floating shelving are all smart small-space design solutions. Not only do they add storage, they are a great way to “harness” your favorite home décor items and create visual impact, interest and appeal.

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For those small spaces where you still want your favorite Scentsy fragrances, contact your Consultant. We’ve got wonderful warmers in all sizes and shapes for every corner of your home, big or small, plus our great-smelling room sprays. If you don’t have a Consultant, find one here.

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