How to mix Scentsy Oils

Scentsy has dozens of Natural and Essential Oils to choose from, each with their own enchanting fragrance. But maybe you’ve reached a point where you want to venture off the beaten path and create your own scents. Combine a few drops of your favorite oils in your Scentsy Diffuser to invent entirely new blends! Here are a few tips to get you started:

No rules but your own

Fragrance is a subjective experience — we’re not about to give you inflexible recipes for “good” oil mixtures. We’ve found a few techniques that work well, but ultimately just trust your nose and follow your instincts. And remember: Not every custom fragrance will be a winner — that’s part of the fun in experimenting! It can help to keep a journal of combinations you like and the ones you don’t.

Play with the ratios

Not all fragrances are created equal — at least when it comes to how strong their notes are. A powerful scent like Peppermint may overpower more subtle oils if you aren’t careful. When you want to ensure more mild scents will still be noticeable alongside bombastic counterparts, we recommend using a two-to-one ratio between the oils to balance out the fragrance notes.

Know the difference between essential and natural oils

Essential oils are, by definition, the essence of a single fragrance. Scentsy Natural Oils, on the other hand, often possess multiple fragrance notes. You can use this distinction to your advantage when creating your own mixtures. Want to make sure a particular scent shines through loud and clear? An essential oil is your best bet. Want a complex aroma to experiment with? Start with a natural oil and work from there!

Get inspired

Chatting with other Scentsy fans about their favorite oil combinations can provide just the inspiration you need for your next masterpiece. Here at the home office, we have a few beloved combos – and we’ve even named them!

The Sunshine Combination:
3 drops Ocean Mist & Aloe Natural Oil
2 drops Seaside Lily Natural Oil
1 drop Coconut Sugar Natural Oil

Flower Power Combination:
3 drops Rose Water Lavender Natural Oil
2 drops Jasmine White Tea Natural Oil
2 drops Eucalyptus Lavender Mint Natural Oil

Lime Feelin’ Good Combination:
3 drops Sweet Eucalyptus Lime Natural Oil
2 drops Lots o’Lemon Natural Oil
2 drops Ocean Mist & Aloe Natural Oil

Have a beloved combination you’d like to share? Tell us about it in the comments — and don’t forget to give your creation a fun name!

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