Add fragrance to your kid’s space

When decorating a child’s room, we tend to focus on the physical: posters, toys, bookshelves and all the other bits and bobs. But fragrance can bring an intangible magic to children’s spaces that can be enjoyed by kids and parents alike. Here are just a few ways you can enrich your kids’ bedrooms and play areas with incredible scents, no matter their age:

Combine fun with fragrance

Kids, especially youngsters, will always appreciate something they can play with, especially if it’s a fun stuffed animal companion. But did you know you can combine all the imaginative wonder of these classic kids’ toys with the enchanting element of fragrance? Scentsy Buddies are adorable, snuggable characters that come with their own Scent Paks in signature Scentsy fragrances, so kids can get the best of both worlds.

Comforting Scents for bedtime

For kids who are afraid of the dark, a Wall Fan Diffuser with Light makes an excellent night-light. The versatility of this miniature fragrance system makes it easy to place in any bedroom, and its soft glow is sure to keep away any monsters lurking under the bed. Add a Scentsy Pod or two in your child’s favorite fragrance before bed, and let them drift off to dreamland surrounded by a blanket of calming fragrance.

Add some personality

For young adults discovering their sense of style, a Scentsy Warmer can be a great statement piece. Have a teen who loves horses? The Unbridled Warmer will pair perfectly with their favorite equine posters. Do they prefer glitz and glamor? The Acute – Copper Warmer has all the sparkle they could ask for! With so many styles to choose from, your teen is sure to find the perfect way to express themselves, all while enjoying great fragrance.

Why scent matters

Beyond simple enjoyment, scent has a powerful connection to memory. Everything from the sweet aroma of grandma’s cookies, to the scent of rain wafting through our bedroom window has the power to stick with us as we grow older. As adults, a whiff of these familiar fragrances can transport us back to precious childhood moments we may have otherwise forgotten. A sweet scent can be a snapshot for even sweeter memories — and childhood should be filled with plenty of both.

What’s a beloved fragrance from your childhood? Do any Scentsy Bars remind you of the experience? Let us know in the comments!

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