Scentsy Go sightings are everywhere!

Hey, there’s a Scentsy Go in your friend’s parlor.
There’s one in the corner office.
Oh, look, it made it to the kids’ birthday party.

Our new portable fragrance system is everywhere!

Ever since Scentsy Go became available Sept. 1, people have been toting it around with them like any other must-have. We’ve seen photos of Scentsy Go in action all over social media. Our well-traveled fragrance companion has been sighted everywhere from homes to ­­­­­businesses to college dorms. Talk about making the rounds!

Scentsy Go is designed to fill any small area with our signature fragrances, and it’s fun to think about all the places you can bring it with you. Proud owners have given us lots of cool ideas, and we’ve come up with a few of our own to add to the list.

Why not bring Scentsy Go …

  • To the sunroom and let its multicolored LED display lend light and ambience to a cozy evening?
  • To a daycare or playroom? Ask the supervisor if they’d like to test it out to see how the staff and children enjoy the fragrance.
  • To a Pilates or yoga class? Ask the instructor and fellow patrons if they’d enjoy fresh and invigorating fragrance as they work out or meditate.

Have any other ideas? Show us by posting on Instagram or Facebook with #ScentsyGo.

Don’t have a Scentsy Go yet but want to learn more? Click here for all the details, then contact your Consultant. If you don’t have a Consultant, find one now.


  1. Kathleen Hackett

    Can’t wait for my Scentsy “GO” to get here…So excited to know I can take it with me ,or put it anywhere…..

  2. Linda Boucher

    Good morning my scentsy family. Loving all your new scents and warmers , and of course the scents go which I ordered on the first day of September, as soon as it came available on my site. I’m waiting for it to be prosessed and then shipped to me. I’m having surgery on th 18th of September and I really hope it gets to me before this . I don’t know what I would do without my scentsy smells while being in the hospital recovering. I won’t be mobile for a while so I won’t be able to change my waxes . Thanks for making a mobile product. I know if you could you would expedite my order I’m in love with scentsy. And my consultant Stephanie bora, she is always there to help me out and answer any questions that I have ❤️❤️ I love doing the pouch parties have been very successful with that , not sure if I would be able to do one next month ☹️☹️ Ok fingers crossed that I receive my order soon .thank you a very loyal customer linda boucher from Connecticut.❤️❤️❤️My scentsy…”…

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