Scentsy Bars: More than just fragrance

While a Blueberry Cheesecake Scentsy Bar might just seem like a yummy scent to warm in the kitchen, it really means so much more. The fragrance is a time capsule in a clamshell, holding on to your favorite memory of baking with your grandmother, then releasing everything you felt in those moments — maybe even the taste of ripe blueberries and graham cracker crust — as soon as the fragrance hits your senses.

Fragrance is powerful. And our authentic Scentsy Bars offer a beautiful, safe way to experience it every day.

What is a Scentsy Bar?

The ingredients might seem simple — fragrance oil, wax, a bit of color — but the composition of every Scentsy Bar is unique and complex, each one thoughtfully designed to enliven your senses, lift your spirits, bring back a sweet memory or simply add a bit more beauty to your life and home.

When added to a Scentsy Warmer, our signature wax warms to release fragrance into the air, filling your space with lovely, lasting scent. We often call them “wickless candles” because they offer an experience like a traditional wicked candle, but much more safely, without flame, soot or smoke. All Scentsy Bars are made in the USA, at the Scentsy home office in Meridian, Idaho.

A fragrance for everyone

Each season, we offer dozens of Scentsy Bar fragrances grouped into seven fragrance families based on their dominant characteristics: bakery, citrus, floral, fresh, fruity, spice and woods. It’s common for Scentsy fans to connect with one or two families a bit more deeply than the rest, making it easy to find new fragrances to love.

Scentsy Fragrance Families

From our seasonal catalogs to monthly specials and limited-edition wax collections, we’re constantly releasing new fragrances to try. Unfortunately, as new fragrances come in, the underperforming or overly seasonal scents must go. We hate this part, because we know every fragrance has the potential to steal someone’s heart or remind them of something precious — and we don’t like the idea of keeping anyone from the Scentsy Bar they love most.

Which is why we introduced Bring Back My Bar.

Everyone loves a comeback story

Twice a year, we invite Scentsy fans to vote on the retired fragrances they miss most. We tally the votes and re-release a collection of discontinued fragrances as Scentsy Bars for one month only so you can stock up — or add them to a Scentsy Club subscription.

After a rousing fall vote, 25 Bring Back My Bar fragrances are available now through Jan. 31. It’s a pretty varied list — everything from Luscious Lemon to Rustic Lodge — which reminds us why we offer so much variety in our Scentsy Bar fragrances year-round. No two noses are exactly alike!

If you see a fragrance you want in the Bring Back My Bar collection this month, sign up for Scentsy Club, add the fragrance to your subscription and we’ll keep making it — even if it’s just for you!

Be sure to explore the whole list online or meet up with your Scentsy Consultant to experience each one in person. Who knows? Your perfect fragrance could be waiting for you to scoop it up and never let it go.

To shop Bring Back My Bar and all our Scentsy Bar fragrances, reach out to your Consultant. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one at


  1. Joyce

    Would love to see Vanilla Cream come back!

  2. Joan Boudreaux

    I bought these bars with little squares attached, but I don’t know what to do with them. Do I just sit them out, put them in a warmer, or what? I bought quite a few for gifts, but I need to tell the recipients how to use them.

    • Scentsy

      Hi Joan, the Scentsy Bars cubes can be broken off and placed into a Scentsy Warmer, which will melt the wax and release the fragrance. ?

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