Simplify your clean and laundry routine

You just scrubbed the entire house — bathrooms, kitchen, floors, furniture — and the last load of laundry is washed, folded and put away. The job is finally done! Time to relax.


What happens next usually happens slowly …

A few dishes are left in the sink. Toothpaste splatters on the bathroom mirror. The hamper is suddenly too full for the lid to close and there are handprints on the fridge. You look around and see nothing but mess. But didn’t you just clean house?

It’s an endless cycle, especially in a family home. We clean to live, then we live all over the place and must clean again — wash, wear, repeat.

Whether you like to do a little tidying every day or designate one whole day of the week as “cleaning day” for your entire crew, there’s a way to power through the chore list without wasting time. And just like any job that needs to be done, it all starts with the right tools.

Focus on the essentials

You want multi-purpose, high-performance products that give you amazing results every time. It’s not too much to ask, but they can be awfully hard to find! If your cabinet under the sink is overflowing with products that over-promise and under-deliver, it’s time to simplify your strategy.

Let’s start with laundry

Stain-fighting power is a must — full-cycle fragrance is a happy bonus! Scentsy Laundry products are uniquely designed to tackle even the biggest laundry piles with relative ease and amazing fragrance, from treating tough stains to tumbling dry. Here’s the plan in six easy steps:

  1. Separate your laundry into like colors and be sure to set delicates and shrinkable fabrics aside.
  2. Spot-treat stains with ultra-concentrated Laundry Liquid, then add more to the washer for your first load. Multi-purpose for the win!
  3. Don’t skip out on fabric softener — Scent Soft will help keep your clothes in shape and cuts down static.
  4. Before you toss in the clothes, add a scoop of scent-boosting Washer Whiffs. This product is especially great for getting mustiness out of damp towels, workout gear and bedding and replacing it with beautiful fragrance.
  5. Once the clothes get washed, they need to get dry! Toss a Dryer Disk in with the load. It works just like a dryer sheet to eliminate static and add a layer of fragrance, but you can reuse the same disk for up to 15 loads.
  6. This step might be the hardest, but you earned it! Enlist someone else in the house to fold and put the clothes away.

We have to buy laundry products, so if you’ve been using a brand that only gives you so-so results, switch and save (time, money, sanity!) with our Laundry Love bundle before your next wash day.

Scentsy Clean Promise

All Scentsy Clean products are free of phosphates, dyes, ammonia, chlorine and bleach.

Now, on to the rest of your house!

It’s easy enough to make your bed each morning and spend a few minutes tidying clutter at night. So, let’s focus on the rooms that take the most out of you: bathrooms and the kitchen. Grease, sticky stains, dishes, hard water residue, soap scum — when it gets bad, it gets really bad. Stay on top of these dirty jobs with a few quick tips to save you so much time in the long run.

In the bathroom:

  • After you shower, dry off then use the towel to do a quick dry of the walls and shower door. It will prevent build-up and it’s so worth the extra 15 seconds!
  • Every time you use the sink — brushing your teeth, washing your hands, shaving, etc. — rinse it out. Leave no toothpaste globs or stray hairs behind.
  • There’s probably a toilet brush permanently stationed right next to the throne, but how often do you use it? Every other day or so, do a quick swipe and never scrub a toilet ring again.

Must-have product: This Bathroom Cleaner. It’s powerful, biodegradable plant-based cleaning agents safely remove soap scum and grime from just about every bathroom surface. For best results, spray and wait for 5-10 seconds, then wipe away with a lint-free microfiber cloth or sponge.

In the kitchen:

  • Let’s face it: You’re going to leave dishes in the sink sometimes. But make a rule to never leave them overnight. Before going to sleep, top off the dishwasher and start the load.
  • Wipe down counters every day — it takes about 30 seconds.
  • When you know you’re going to the grocery store, do a quick inventory of the fridge and clear out old leftovers and expired condiments.

Must-have product: All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate is super-concentrated so you get a ton of bang for your buck when you dilute it with water. It easily cleans dirt, grease, oil, grime and fingerprints on most surfaces — including stainless steel. Another Multi-purpose win!

Scentsy Laundry and Clean products are the only ones that smell as amazing as they work. Get the job done with the Scentsy fragrances you love.

To discover even more great products and start shopping, reach out to your Scentsy Consultant. Don’t have a Consultant? Find one at

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