The History of Scentsy Buddies

Scentsy Buddy 101

This fall marks the 10th anniversary of one of the most beloved products in Scentsy history: the Scentsy Buddy. Soft and filled with fragrance, Buddies are our take on the classic stuffed animal — allowing children to play with wonderful, snuggable characters while enjoying great fragrance! To celebrate another year of these cherished toys, we interviewed Product Development Manager (and Scentsy Buddy aficionado) Julie Stewart!

Here’s what she had to say about the history of the Scentsy Buddies!

How long have you been involved with the development of Scentsy Buddies?

I started working on them from the very beginning! We wanted to create a product for children, since Scentsy is such a family-friendly company. We started brainstorming and thought scented stuffed animals would be perfect.

The top three buddies (according to Bring Back My Buddy votes) are Eliza the Elephant, Suzie the Sloth and Stella the Unicorn. Other Buddies who were runners-up include Bailey the Bunny, Calypso the Unicorn and Hamish the Highland Cow.

How many different categories of Buddies are there?

After launching the original Scentsy Buddies, we created Baby Buddies. We then followed up with Buddy Clips, Sidekicks, Blankie Buddies and Scentsy Friends. Our newest addition is Bitty Buddies! They are all infused with Scentsy fragrance, whether with a removable Scent Pak in a zippered pocket, or by adding scent directly inside the snuggly exterior.

Are there any fun facts Scentsy fans may not know about Buddies?

Our Buddies are a patented design that includes the wide bottom and cylinder-shaped arms and legs. The texture is also a characteristic we try to include in all Buddies. Occasionally, we change out the texture for a different accent fabric. The zipper, of course, is also a very important part of the Buddy design — ready to hold all the Scentsy goodness of a Scent Pak!

How many designs for Scentsy Buddies have there been?

We have released over 100 Scentsy Buddies but have designed many more than that!

Do you have a favorite Buddy?

I don’t think I could pick a favorite — it’s like picking your favorite child! I really enjoyed designing the Buddies that have some unique elements: Gilly the Buddy with the zipper in the front of his hoodie, Boris the Yeti with the removable hood (maybe Yetis are just wearing a fur suit!) or Gage the Robot with the shiny material and square body. I also love Twiggy the Turtle with the removable shell!

Do you or your kids have a favorite Scentsy Buddy? Is there one you’d love to get back? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Sheila

    The Hamish Cow

  2. Meghan Miller

    Scratch the cat

  3. Sarah Pascucci

    Hamish the highland cow, and one of the pigs.

  4. Rose

    Boris the Yeti. It’s been my son’s favorite for years and it’s getting used up.

  5. Crystal Graves

    Mickey mouse is my favorite

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