Tips to make generosity a family tradition

International Pay It Forward Day with Scentsy

A community is so much more than just a place to live. It’s where we make our living, forge friendships, worship, learn and play. Rallying the family to give in our communities can bring us together, reinforce values and make a positive impact.

International Pay It Forward Day on April 28 is a great day to provide a real-world lesson on the importance and impact of both small and big acts of generosity. But it doesn’t have to stop there. The giving tradition can carry throughout the year, on holidays, birthdays and other celebrations.

One of Scentsy’s core values is Generosity, and we believe in contributing more than you take. So, we’re serious about how we celebrate International Pay It Forward Day each year. We rally our employees to perform small acts of kindness for strangers in our communities, hoping to inspire others to “pay it forward.” Read more about Scentsy’s #PIFDay activities in this classic Top Notes blog post.

Scentsy embraces this day geared towards kindness, and you can, too! Use these tips to get started in your household:

Your values

The first step is to choose causes or activities that align with your family’s values and interests. Do you value being kind to people, helping animals or having a safe and clean city? Discuss what causes really matter to each family member and why. Involve everyone in the decision-making and look for events (or organize your own) that fortify those principles.

Your giving

Generosity isn’t just monetary. We can share our time, labor and talents, as well! For example, have the kids bake and sell cookies and other treats to buy dog food for the local animal shelter. Or take time to write some uplifting notes and hand them to classmates, workmates or strangers. Volunteer to clean up the local park or help fixed-income seniors by raking leaves and making home repairs. The volunteer opportunities are endless.

Your safety

If you want to donate to an organization, make sure you choose legitimate charities and causes. Find or validate charitable opportunities at or Check CharityWatch and the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance rating prior to making any monetary donations. Your state should also have a charity regulator. Consider factors like impact on the community, transparency and how charities use any donations.

Your benefits

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll benefit the community and your own family. Being kind is shown to increase self-esteem, empathy, compassion and improve moods. Studies also show generosity decreases blood pressure and stress hormones. Families that give together tend to be healthier and closer. Think about the joy of a family photo album or video channel celebrating your collective kindness! You’ll build family memories and raise children who value performing good deeds for their community and understand the impact their simple acts can have on the wider world.

Adult and baby hands holding a purple fabric heart

How do you incorporate generosity and kindness into your family? Share your traditions in the comments.

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